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heres an old paper i wrote

Media Paradise: The True Danger From The Press

The new age of media in our modern times is also an age of the decay of order in the government, military, and everyday
life.  All things related to and including social issues are defined and monitored by the media of today.  The old age
propaganda to inspire fervor is now spited in favor of the insane and idiotically trivial matters and troubles of
everyday life.  In the news today the entire criterion of reports would be things such as murder, rape, segregation, and
basic stereotypes.  The old crimes of lack of patriotism are now moot except within a small percentage and even then
there is no actual action of speaking out against “offenders”.  The new ideas of “social crimes” are entirely
defined as a time at which a person does not adhere to the national idea of what is politically correct.  The time of
when the war was supported by all and even a single dissenter is shunned is now over, being replaced by the age of
“free speech”.  Let us now delve into the aspects of free speech, influence of the media, and the actual grounds of
freedom of the press in a land that could aptly be renamed… media paradise.

	The basis of free speech is as mundane to people as walking upright and is defined as such;  a human has the right to
say as they want and may not be shunned for it or punished for said things unless their actions cause direct harm to
another human.  The one problem with this base right of all people in media paradise is that it does not take into
account the influence of other people on what a person may say.  Though it may allow them to say whatever they want the
main problem is that most people do not know what they really want to say.  When a person is confused or bored on an
issue it is a common thing for them to turn to the television, radio, internet, or any of the other various ways for the
media to spread its messages and views.  As someone watches these multiple tools of mass propagation, their own views
may be drowned out or even outright replaced.  On such controversial issues as abortion, gay marriage, and other “hot
button” issues, a person may feel that such actions should be passed and put into action but are then essentially
brainwashed by the media into simply remaining undecided and following the ebb and flow of mass opinion. 

     In the fore mentioned ideal, the personal opinion and the importance of a single person are both lost for multiple
reasons.  The first is that this fact is also proof that modern opinion in the mass media can uproot the ideals and
morals instilled during early life, ripping away the anchors to which so many of our previous generations clung to.  In
modern times even by trying to force ideas into a child’s head the fact remains that there is a stage of their life
that will uproot all of this…puberty.  When a child hits puberty they tend to also hit a stage of rebelliousness. 
Normally this stage would be grown out of, but thanks to the influence of media and television in general a person could
never grow into a stage of rigid ideals but instead go from rebellion to chaos and indecision.  This is but a small
fraction of the decay of everyday life and morals.

     Some may think that the media’s damage on the military is simply it reporting all of the constant death, but that
is simply an aspect of its own way to control the masses.  The true damage is not in what the media does, but what the
media would do.  In past times of Vietnam and the World Wars there was a constant picture of boot camp, the drill
sergeant.  The base idea is a loud, crude, small but brutish officer instructing new recruits in everything and branding
them with a distinct and profound sense of self control.  The current cases of murder of Muslims in mosques and the rape
of a Japanese schoolgirl is all an effect of the fall of morals in the military.  In a sense this is the failure of
training but in that a profound failure of the influence of media.  In old times a sergeant could grab a soldier
directly out of the line, drag them to the office, and beat a sense of self control into them.  The base ideas of
calling trainees “candy assed maggots” would now be frowned upon and rejected by the general public.  If the mass
media got a hold of a story like this it would be not only ridiculed but also presented in a light of making the
sergeant into a monster.  This is the fear that has been instilled within the higher ups of the military and is why it
is no longer usual to hear new soldiers telling stories about their “old sarge”.  Because of this there is now an
invisible leash on the lower officers of the military and now there is no one capable of accepting the task of putting
moral values into the soldiers going to war.  And thus presents the skeleton of the damage inflicted to the military.

       Most people already think they know what is done to the government by the media, but they only see the surface of
a truly deep and complex problem.  In most cases it is seen that the media is blaming things on the president, and
although most of the accusations are true they do nothing.  The media goes beyond exposing the truth simply for the sake
of the truth, which would normally just be useless intent with unfortunate repercussions.  No, the true motive is that
truth or lie is used to the gain of publicity and profit of the media.  Economic problems, strange and illegal dealings,
even catastrophic failures within the infrastructure of the country is worthy of being blamed on the president, but the
point of these accusations should be too improve the problem.  However, instead of doing anything to repair situations
with revelations the media chooses to make the problems descend into the darkness of the bureaucracy.  Legal hearings,
senatorial investigations, all of these things just hindrances to solving said troubles.  In time that should have been
spent discussing resolutions to national conflicts time is wasted on hearings that will have no overall effect on the
problems other than possibly making the problems more complicated.  In an overview the only thing that can be done is
that there is a strict process that should be followed.  First, there must be a resolution to the problem that does not
just complicate the matter.  After that the resolutions must be investigated and strengthened in the necessary areas to
prevent mishaps such as the second rise of Germany which could have been avoided by having a stronger League of Nations.
 Finally, after resolutions have been made and strengthened then the actions of perpetrators of the problems should be
investigated and aptly punished.  In essence the media distorts the image of the true problems.  By being irrational and
erratic the media makes the cause of the problem seem to be the problem itself, thus making an accurate resolution and
speedy decision impossible while the deluded masses scream for their form of justice and punishment for their
antagonists.  In this particular aspect the media destroys the basis of an organized and properly representative

     In a base conclusion the media cannot be portrayed properly without being accused of bias.  The fact of the matter
is a direct assault on the media would only be seen as an assault on the freedom of people.  If one was to denounce the
news as nothing more than a propaganda machine it would simply be futile and only a way to make oneself an enemy of the
people.  The only thing to be said is that with the politically untouchable media producing stories about rape, murder,
pain, destruction, and political doom while only the people within it have anything like the ability to freely declare
their opinions the idea of this invulnerable media is true terrorism in the highest form.  

This is a paper written by Michael Dempsey and any unauthorized usage of said paper will be punished by law due to the
automatic rights to patent provided by national law of the United States of America.
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  Democrat — Page created: 19 March 2008
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‹-Swaggnιfιcent khιdd|«› says:   19 March 2008   292937  
wow that is a lot
Democrat says:   19 March 2008   733628  
yep. feel free to read it if your patient enough and then post what you think
tyra216 says:   19 March 2008   146129  
ok..........i will
Democrat says:   19 March 2008   155872  
awesome. GET TO IT!

‹-Swaggnιfιcent khιdd|«› says:   19 March 2008   845569  
cool it is cool
‹-Swaggnιfιcent khιdd|«› says:   19 March 2008   983132  
(i am tyra216 and tyra2164)
tyra216 says:   19 March 2008   256655  
cool...... good story
Democrat says :   19 March 2008   899214  
its nto a sotry, an editorial
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