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Kupika's First Weekly Newspaper!

Hello and welcome to Kupika's very first weekly newspaper! 

Jobs available:
   Gossip Column
   Sports Column
   Celebrity Gossip Column

After we get a person for each job, we will start the newspaper the following week. I am the editor for the paper. If
you would like a job for the paper, please send me a letter with your first name, age, which job you would like, and why
you would like the job. If you send any inappropriate material in your letter, you will not get the job!

Application format:



What job I would like to have:

Why I want this job:

I really hope that we can get enough people to start this newspaper before autumn begins! So hurry and apply before July
31, 2007. If you send in an  application after July 31, 2007, your request for the job will be put on hold until you are
needed. Please hurry and sign up for a job today!!!

Jobs taken:

'Ask Tandra'---tandra88
'Music Column'---Quennie_j28
'Advice Column'---xizzle
'Poetry Column'---horni_bitch_who_will_cyber_with_u
'Movie Reviews'---the_girl_no_one_likes
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tandra88 says:   4 May 2007   836685  
tandra Smith
Ask tandra
I am really good with advice
Davey_Havok_Is_My_One_True_Love says:   4 May 2007   156585  
OK! You get the job! Let me put you on my list!
Quennie_j28 says:   4 May 2007   552449  
Name: Quennie

Age: 11

What job I would like to have: Music column

Why I want this job: Because I like Music
Davey_Havok_Is_My_One_True_Love says:   4 May 2007   838449  
OK! you got the job!
xizzle asks:   4 May 2007   686547  
name: Amy

Age: 13

Job i would like to have: Advice column

Why i want this job: i'm good at giving people advice
Davey_Havok_Is_My_One_True_Love says:   4 May 2007   664278  
u got the job! congrats!
horni_bitch_who_will_cyber_with_u says:   4 May 2007   936288  
my name's amy and i'm 13 too, lol

i would love to do poetry becoz i'm good at it
Davey_Havok_Is_My_One_True_Love says:   4 May 2007   536382  
ok. u got the job!
the_girl_no_one_likes says:   4 May 2007   684481  
can i please do movie reveiws
the_girl_no_one_likes says:   4 May 2007   815663  
opps the form
I wana do movies reveiws
i love movies
Davey_Havok_Is_My_One_True_Love says:   4 May 2007   432928  
OK! u got th job!
diva_girl187 says:   4 May 2007   792434  
i want to be in the gossip club i am that at school
ChibiRini says:   4 May 2007   623811  
I know absolutely nothing about the other topics, but I am in the on the school
newspaper and go " Help Me,  Miranda! It is intirely anonomous.

Name-     Miranda
Age-        12
Job-         Advice column
Why-       I am great at giving advice and it usually (99.97%) works

    I know you already have alot of advice columns so if you don't want another one I
can totally understand that.
the_girl_no_one_likes says:   4 May 2007   695998  
what movie should i talk about
Davey_Havok_Is_My_One_True_Love says:   5 May 2007   454477  
diva_girl-please go theough the comments and look @ how evry1 else sent in there
applications and please folloe the format otherwise u wont get the job!

chibi rini- would u wanna do the celeb gossip? 
tandra88 says:   28 June 2007   696389  
whan do you start
Davey_Havok_Is_My_One_True_Love says :   28 June 2007   748873  
As soon as all the positions are filled.
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