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i know............ i'm crazy

9-8-09, 9:24pm To feel like writing and then write with no stopping no thought except the one that you were writing as you stare blankly and the keys, what a wonderful feeling, what a beautiful thing to be able to do. To never have to concentrate on something else, to never have to see the world in all its horror, to never have to see that haunting beauty in which nothing was.... nothing. To just feel the keys yield under the pressure of your fingers and see the letters race across the screen creating the world in which you live, breathe and die. To enthral your mind until it only believes that world of words, until there is nothing else, until the mind itself ceases to exist; only the stories that pour out. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, to always have a happy ending? To always know that the right person would always live, to not have to worry because, it’s just a story, of course everything will have a happily ever after. The bad guy will loose, the good guy will win, and all will be right in the world. That would be the terrifyingly perfect world a mind could get lost in. That would be the world in which a mind could disappear and never be seen again. 5-9-09, 2:18am Writers block is one of the most annoying things in the world, it’s like having numbing cream put onto your brain only worse. It can keep you up all night and exhaust you in ways you never though possible. And then there’s the times when you just can’t stop writing because everything just wants to come out yet everything is coming so fast everything gets jumbled and doesn’t make sense even to the person who’s writing it. Finally there’s that time when pure inspiration hits and everything has balance and is perfect, the words come out seamlessly and your mind can be at ease. But that state of mind is hard to achieve, and impossible to keep.
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‹YouYearnKeira'sToxicKiss› says:   14 September 2009   232729  
woah woah
Daughter_of_the_Blood says:   14 September 2009   148954  
is that good or bad????????
‹YouYearnKeira'sToxicKiss› says:   15 September 2009   145662  
im curious does that have any meaning behind it i recon its good
Daughter_of_the_Blood says:   15 September 2009   211775  
not really
i just started writing cause my head was to full
‹YouYearnKeira'sToxicKiss› says :   15 September 2009   384481  
okayz lol i didnt think it had much meaning

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