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 I'm all panic and no disco
I've been on this site on multiple accounts, back when I was a young
12 year old.
But I am now a young adult, with adult responsiblities, and I need
something to distract myself from conspiracy theory videos at 11 pm at

I'm also drunk, and kind of surprised that this site is still active

I don't think that any of my old friends/ex boyfriends are on here
anymore, but I'm still opening to talking to people and making new
internet friends!

I am married to my best friend now, have a senior chihuahua and about
to get a black kitty cat, and just moved into my own house last month.

I iike junk food, 2000's emo music, and makeup.

My current YouTube favorites are:
Shane Dawson
Jenna Marbles
Simply Naliogical
Safiya Nygaard
Jeffree Starr
Good Mythical Morning
and beauty drama channels

I'm also EXTREMELY interested in serial killers, cults, Columbine,
horror movies, Halloween (the holiday), and Last Podcast On The Left.

If you play on the Xbox, that's another plus.

I'm also binge watching King of the Hill on Hulu right now.


Q&A Section   
‹.~ (◕▿◕✿)Yuuki ~.› 22 Apr 19  
It’s a band reference.  I saw “I’m all panic and no disco,” which is
why I thought you’d recognize my last comment. Sorry!
DarthDankPeep666 22 Apr 19  
It's fine.
I pay more attention to the beat and chorus than the rest of the lyrics.
‹.~ (◕▿◕✿)Yuuki ~.› 21 Apr 19  
Too much chemistry homework, not enough romance.
DarthDankPeep666 22 Apr 19  
I don't think this was meant for me, but okay.
‹Pâtisserie› 12 Feb 19  
The people in charge of Chuck E Cheese are definitely going to be freaking out
and trying to do some serious damage control after that video, I'm sure, lol.
I'm just so confused about what's going on there. Why are the pieces so
different?! What are they doing back there??

The only other explanation I can think of (other than them literally recycling
pieces of pizza that customers leave behind) is that they slice the pizzas up in
the back and take the best pieces to arrange together, but that doesn't make
sense to me. That seems like a lot of unnecessary effort and money. Also, the
way that the employee (allegedly) responded to Shane when he asked her about it
freaks me out. Super sketchy, lol.

As for Shane's friend, I think her name was Brittani? My theory is that the
whole trafficking, Serbian mafia thing isn't what was really going on. I think
it's just a case of the dude (Milos) having a really controlling mother with no
boundaries and him basically using Brittani as a meal ticket. I do think he was
trying to scare her in order to making sure she doesn't leave him though and he
was also trying to trap her with a kid.

I feel bad for her because she was clearly blinded by love, but damn, you know
the Sex Ed program is bad when someone really believes that the pull-out method
is effective contraception.

But yeah, I'm really loving these longer Shane vids. As you can see, I'm super
invested, aha. And if I'm remembering this correctly, I think Shane and Jeffree
have another collaboration in the works, so that's super exciting. (At least I
think that's what Jeffree said on his channel).

Shane is really dominating the YouTube game right now.
DarthDankPeep666 12 Feb 19  
I live less than 10 minutes away from a Chuck E Cheese, and went there all the
time as a kid. Their pizza was always mediocre to me, so it wouldn't surprise me
if it was old pizza. It's also weird how it's spread across multiple chains. I
could go to my local one if I really wanted to, and seemingly get similar

If you go far back enough into my family tree, I have some mafia connections.
It's not something that you brag about or openly talk about, so that kind of got
to me too. I live in one of the worst states for Sex Education, and even I know
how immediately false that pull out claim is. Even though the requirements for a
woman's body to get pregnant are actually kind of complex.

I've heard Jeffree and some of his fans talking about another collab this year.
I hope that Shane wins a Streamie for his Netflix worthy content right now (even
though if he was to be given an actual TV series, I'd rather it be Hulu.
‹Pâtisserie› 12 Feb 19  
I almost feel like you're mistaking me with someone else because I don't think
I was ever particularly "popular" on this site, but shit, I'll take it! Lmao.
But seriously, thanks for the compliment.

New Shane Dawson video today! Tell me what you thought of it. I'm currently
watching it myself.
How are you liking the conspiracy theory series so far?
DarthDankPeep666 12 Feb 19  
That's possible, but I'm just going to stick with it because that's a good way
to start things off.

I just finished watching it with my guy, and had an extremely nutritious meal of
cheesy breadsticks for dinner while watching it. Chuck E Cheese is SHOOK.
I've had scary online dating site stories myself, but thankfully nothing as bad
as what his friend went through (her name has escaped me now).
The digital voice copying parts were mainly hilarious.

I'm really big into conspiracy theories and the like anyways, so I enjoyed the
longer videos. I hope that Jeffree and him still do a series together. Now it's
back to binging Shane's older videos.

Also, Shane can convince me of just about anything, no matter how ridiculous it
sounds at first.
‹Pâtisserie› 11 Feb 19  
Joined this site when you were twelve? Check ✓
Multiple accounts? Check ✓
Like black cats? Check ✓
Like junk food? Check ✓
Subscribed to Markiplier, Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, Simply Nailogical, Safiya
Nygaard, PewDiePie, and Jeffree Star? Check ✓

We have a lot in common, actually.

Welcome back to Kupika! You probably won't stay long because the site is super
dead, but we appreciate you anyway.
DarthDankPeep666 12 Feb 19  
I think that I thought that you were one of the cool kids on here back in the
day, and I'd be lieing if I were to say that I don't feel blessed in a way for
you to acknowledge me lol.
I'm going to try to be more active on here.
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