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My Rules

Current rules:
  1. No disrespecting Daddy. Acting disrespectful will get me ignored until I am sorry and say so or until Daddy feels ready to speak to me again.
  2. If I am commanded to do something, I am to do so.
  3. If I am asked of something that I don’t feel comfortable doing I am to speak up and he will find a compromise.
  4. I’m not allowed to hide things from Daddy.
  5. I’m not allowed to play with myself without asking permission from Daddy first.
  6. Any rule I break I am to let Daddy know.
  7. I am to learn better self control over my mood swings and anger and think before I speak.
  8. Take my punishments like a good girl. Punishments are for me to realize I’ve done something wrong and to learn from.
  9. I’m also not allowed to put myself down in any way, I think that goes with the disrespect rule though.
  10. I am to always do my best. Striving for perfection is silly but striving to the best I can for Daddy is what he asks of me.
  11. Acknowledge my health and take better care of myself.
For the future (when we’re together):
  1. Before I wear an outfit, I am to get Daddy’s approval on it first (Or Daddy may just decide to choose an outfit for me and I am to wear it).
  2. Always be ready for Daddy’s use. Inspections will be put in place and I am to comply.
  3. At said point I am to hand over my panties and bend over.
  4. Regardless of where we are or circumstances, if Daddy asks me to hand over my panties, I am to do so at that moment without hesitation.
  5. Bedtimes may be enforced… (I think it’s a form of punishment but I’m sure that my terrible sleeping habit will get me a bedtime. Either way, he’s mentioned this several times before.)
  6. If Daddy wants privacy and is in his study, I am to respect his privacy and let him be.
  7. Whenever I return home, I am to remove your panties and go to Daddy for an inspection before doing anything else.
Rules may be added on as needed by Daddy.
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  Daddys_doll — Page created: 8 July 2013
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