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What's with the name? An explanation of Daddy Dom/little girl (D/s-type) relationships

What is a Daddy/little relationship?

Daddy/little relationships are a type of D/s (Dominance and submission) lifestyle and relationship within BDSM. The
lifestyle consists of a Daddy or Mommy, a Dom; and a babygirl or little, a sub. I won’t go into detail much on Doms
and subs roles because it varies within each relationship and if you’re really curious about it Google is your friend
or you can ask me about my experiences. 

"A Daddy Dom will treat His babygirl as His most prized possession, one that He guards with His life. A Daddy naturally
teaches His girl all that He knows, all that He wishes her to be. A babygirl longs to learn and if allowed to question
that which she doesn’t know or understand, enabling a Daddy to guide her, fulfilling His need as well."

-Quoted from babygirlsndaddydoms

A Daddy is not the father of the sub, nor is he really a father figure (maybe in some relationships); do not
get this confused with a Father/daughter fetish or roleplay because it is not the same. He is not a replacement for
a father either. He is like another other Dominant-figure such as a Master but with a different title and normally
different roles than most other Doms have; sometimes it is simply a title difference and other times a Daddy is more
nurturing and fulfills the role of a mentor as well. The power exchange and roles in the relationship tend to differ
from Master and slave, there may be more leniency but that depends on the couple and how they want things to be.

A little or babygirl is a sub who typically sees themself as a little girl or much younger than their typical age.
Again, sometimes it can just be a title change. With that being said, not all littles engage in ageplay while other do
(Personally I don't, Daddy and I aren't into that). The relationship and roles do not have anything to do with
pedophilia. A little/babygirl longs for guidance, mentoring, love, safety, and care while at the same time being
able to act completely as they truly are (sometimes more child-like) and have that side of her tended as well.

That’s basically a sum up, if you’re still curious maybe about the lifestyle, roles, or feel like you can relate to
this then feel free to message me or leave a comment asking. I have no problem further explaining things.
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  Daddys_doll — Page created: 26 May 2012
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branches says:   26 May 2012   490758  
tl;dr to most if it
Seems a bit Freudian 
But hey
Whatever works for you.

I bet you got a million fucking dumb questions, though. :L
Daddys_doll says:   27 May 2012   219382  
Mm, not at all because it has nothing to do with wanting a father figure. For most
it's just a title difference than the typical Master/slave and a bit different in
terms of power exchange, since slaves typically have less freedom, etc.
And surprisingly, not yet. Lol. 
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says :   4 November 2012   802310  
I find this fascinating, psychologically ._.

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