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Drinking Is Full of Love Chapter Two- Telling My parents

Chapter Two- Telling my parents.

I heard a knock on my door. "Come in." I said not caring who it was that was coming in. It was my mom and dad. "Holly."
My dad said. I didn't know if he was saying it as a question. "Yeah?" I asked him. Apperently he was trying to get my
attention I'm retarded. "Um, Your dad and I were talking and, we feel sorry about the whole thing. Really. I know that
youve been drinking because we've been to much attention with Kayla and collage with her and all that." My mother said
quickly sitting on the end of my bed. "And, you felt like we haven't been giving you any attention." My father added.
"Okay?" I said still confused. "Where are you getting at?" I added. "What where saying is you don't need to move out."
My father noted. "Um, dad, thats a little late. I already made plans on moving in with Mason,Gage,Jay,and Aiden." I told
them. My father rolled his eyes when I was finishing with my sentence. "Okay, Holly, this is a little extreme. I don't
want you moving." My mother explained. "Mom, you said you didn't want me, that you didn't love me. Well, I don't want to
live with someone that thinks that. Those guy actually love me and care about me." I said. Then my father slammed his
hand that was a fist on my desk next to my bed. "Damnit Holly! Can't You see? Are you that stupid? Those boys are trying
to get sex out of you!" He yelled. His whole face was getting redder, and redder.

Kayla, my sister came in shocked by the noise. Kayla was two years older then me. But she wasn't as pretty as me. "Whats
going on?" She said. "Get out. " I said quitly. " I can't." She said. I'm invovled now." She added. "Your idiotic sister
wants to move in with those trash kids." My father said smirking. "Trash kids?" I said getting mad. "Excuse me Abdown,
but most those boys have been through exactly what you've done to me. Or worse!" I screamed. "Okay, Holly do not call
your father his name, and Abdown, don't call Holly's friends 'Trash'." My mom orderd us. "Holly, just please don't
leave." My mother said going into tears. "Mom." I said trying not to cry. "I can't stay here. Expecially with dad. I'm
sorry. I have to. But I will come and visit." I said trying to make things better though I knew I probably wasn't going
to take my own word. "Promise?" My mother asked me, getting closer. "Promise. I said. I wasn't really promising though.
I could never visit when my dad is around.

"Why are you letting her do this?" My father asked. "She's only a kid. She could never be on her own." My father added.
"Abdown, she wants to be treated like an adult." My mother said calmly. "Are you crazy!" My father screamed at my
mother. "Do you know all the bad things that could happen to her moving in with a bunch of boys?" My father said.
"Abdown, listen to me. She should do this. Maybe she'll be able to see that she cant live without us."My mother said.
"Allyson, she's going to get in trouble." My father said. "Hello? Still here." I said waving my hand. "You know what? I
want her to move out. But if anything bad happens to her, it's not coming out my wallet." My father said and then he
fled the room. "Holly, when are you moving out?" My mother asked grinning. "I think next week." I said. "I'll help you
pack." My mother said. "Thanks mom." i said. then we hugged.
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Griffz says :   5 January 2009   238243  
Oh wowww, that sounds greatt, keep going :D

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