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Drinking Is Full Of Love Chapter 1- I'm OUT!

Chapter 1- I'm Out!

"Holly, why do you always do stupis things like this, I mean Holly, what did I do to deserve this?" My mother said like
she wanted to gauge my eyes out. "Mother, how could you be so stupid. You know you deserved this. Because you had me." I
said smiling a little bit. "Holly, your what 17 years old and you go and get drunk with those no good friends of yours!"
She screamed. I stumbled over a little bit because, well,I was drunk. "I'm tired of you! I tired of you Holly! I don't
love you!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, her face turning red. I couldn't get my thoughts together right.
Finally it hit me. Or something did. Oh, it was my fathers hand. He slapped me right across the face like cat trying to
kill a dog. "Holly! Look at me!" My father yelled. My father was a buff man. Also violent. "Yes?" I said calmly, rubbing
my cheek with my sweaty palm that smelled like weed. "I want you out of this house at the end of the month." He said
calmly. I finally was stunned. My parents we're kicking me out? What kind of people were they. I'm still in High School
and I had no job. "Dad." I said. I began to tear up. "I don't want to here it. Please, go to your room and don't come
out." My father explained. Flexing his right arm. I went up the stairs -creek creek- the wooden stairs made. Finally, i
made it into my room.

I picked up my cell phone and starting calling my friend Jay. "Hello Holly." Jay said. Jay was also drunk. "Ugh, Um,
Jay?" I said laying down on my bed. "Yes?" He said laughing a little bit. I couldn't get my head right. I held my eyes
shut while saying "I need company." I was about to burst into tears. But I held it in. "You want me to go to your
house?" Jay asked studdering a little bit. "Not just you but Aiden, Mason, and Gage." I said laughing at the end of
Mason's name. "Alright. Hold on." Jay said as he put down the phone. I could here him calling Aiden,Mason,and Gage. "Do
you guys want to head over to Holly's?" I could here Jay asking them faintly. "I mean, Mason, you didn't drink, you
could drive us." Jay said. Then I heard a little deeper voice. "Yeah, lets go." Mason said. Jay picked up the phone.
"Yeah, Holly, we're going to be over there soon." He said and then hung up before I could even give a "Bye". Of course,
they only lived together. They weren't my only friends.

Finally I heard a -ring-. I flew down the steps and answered the door. The First one was Aiden. Black hair, green eyes.
Those skinny jeans made him look like he had a huge package if you know what I mean. But he was so skinny. The second
one was Gage. He had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Also skinny. He had snake bites. Honestly the beautiful one.
Then there was Jay. Black and blonde hair. He had snake bites and a bridge. We were a little close but not that cool.
Finally it was Mason. He was a little short with black hair and brown eyes. He had one lip ring and that was it. Mason
was also my favorite because he understood my family life. If you didn't know, his was exactly the same. Thats why he
lives with Gage.

We ran all the way upstairs into my room. I slammed the door and locked it. Then i noticed that they where all on my bed
just staring at me. "So?" Jay asked laying his head down on his knees as he pulled them towards him. "Ugh, my parents
kicked me out. I have to leave by the end of the month." I said trying not to cry and took a seat next to Mason at the
end of the bed. "She's about to cry isn't she?" Gage asked. "Yeah I am." I said wiping my eyes. "It's okay Holls." Mason
explained hugging me putting his face in my hair. "Do you know where I can stay?" I asked them pulling away from Mason.
"Stay with us." Aiden said. taking a seat next to me putting his hand on my back. "Yeah, I'll drive you to school
everyday." Gage said sitting behind me but putting his head between Aiden's shoulder and my shoulder. Then Jay knelled
in front of me. "And we'll let you have the biggest room in the house." He said. "Really?" I asked them all. "Sure."
They all responded. They were all out of high school. And they were in a band together. "Of course, you would be taking
my room." Gage said smiling. "But I'll live on the couch that smells like ass. Haha!" He explained. "Well I guess I'll
move in next week. Thanks guys." I said kissing them all on the cheek.
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‹Ninja_Cat_Slayer› says:   4 January 2009   954678  
totally awesome==]
this one is really good..!
keep going cause i want to read more=]
its amazing
‹Linziee;;ILoveYouBaby♥› says :   4 January 2009   649768  
 Absolutely amazing..........I love it. You truly have a talent lolz.

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