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 I think, therefore I am... I think (The better side of DesCartes)
Warning: I'm a very quirky person, apparently insane too (or so I've
been told). Not necessarily the "eat your face Hannibal Lecter style"
type... though I do have a slightly disturbing crush on said fictional
character (or perhaps its just Anthony Hopkins) ((what a lovely
opening line, not too good a first impressions either... I digress...
>_> )) but a lot of people don't understand me. I scare them. I find
that amusing. 

I try not to stereotype (myself or others) as much as possible though
it's hard sometimes.
Even the concept of gender or religion feels too confining to me. I
don't think anything is "black and white" there's prolly a lot more
gray than we realize. Morality, "right and wrong" "shoulds and
shouldn'ts", is subjective to our conditioning.

I like the surreal, the strange, the mind bending, and the artful.
Something that makes you think about something or see something you
otherwise might have missed. 

What is Love? Hmm... scientifically, love is a series of chemicals
released in the brain that cause certain reactions/feelings. The first
time I learned that I felt rather depressed. It sounds like we're
nothing more than chemical run machines... then I thought about it
some more and... well... this is how my logic works: To a sentient
(thinkin') chemical-controled machine, a series of chemicals must be
pretty important. In fact, to them, it would be everything in their
world-- if only how they percieve it. So, feelings, emotions, etc. are
important and prolly much more complex than we give them credit for.
It makes me happy knowing (or having some vague idea) of how immensely
complex we are.

I like proper grammar and spelling even when my thoughts are jambled
so, just if you were wondering why I take so long in chats, I tend to
check my spelling constantly in my head and sometimes if it irks me
enough in a dictionary. Being a writer... I like words.

Perhaps I've finally found out what's wrong with my
brain!--Synesthesia! Its a condition (not so much a disease as its
really more beneficial than harmful) where the five senses are
crossed. So in a sense (haha) one could 'taste' colors, give
personalities to letters and numbers, experience feelings or memories
triggered by a sensation like smell.
We all experience synesthesia at some point I think though perhaps in
different ways/intensities. I personally 'smell' things when I feel
different emotions sometimes. Memories trigger this or vice versa.

I like chocolate. And soup. Lots of soup. Ask me and I'll give you my
secret recipe for seaweed soup.

Do I believe in (a) god? I would really like to. I have issues with
faith though (not a very trusting person) so if a godthing wanted me
to believe in them they'd have to prove their existance or at least
introduce themselves and in a pretty blatent way too because I'm slow
sometimes (I guess that defeats the purpose of faith). I like Greek
Mythology a lot, its sort of become my religion in bits a pieces. Ask
me about this!

At the moment I am technically single, however, experience has taught
me that formal relationships are usually (not always) meaningless and
usually end in tears. I prefer non-exclusive things. Sometimes it's
just good to be loved with out feeling committed for life.
Sorry, ladies.

My ambition is to become a traveling artist/writer/thing. I want to go
to Canada, Europe, and New Zealand at some point and travel for the
sake of traveling and being free. (Vacations that last a week or two
are nice but really... two weeks every other year or so? C'mon!)

If you are a poet/writer/artist/along those lines... you automatically
have my respect and luv.... and cuddles. BE WARNED.

Physical appearance: Red. My hair is now red. I'm a natural blond
(make a comment about my IQ and I will most likely laugh at you). I'm
skinny (somewhat unhealthily so), but have muscles because I workout
when I can and climb things I probably shouldn't. (Like fire escapes,
trees, radio towers...) I always wear black (not emo, just chronically
depressive. :P) Recently I've started wearing neckties. Why? Because
they're stylish and if I need to tie someone up... :P I also have a
thing for suit jackets... they make me feel important and velvet feels



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HWKitty 27 Jul 08  
Hi thar.
Craven 27 Jul 08  
Hiyas! How be ye?
BabbyRedneckGirl 30 Sep 07  
im not asking nothing im telling somthing mesage ayamai13
Craven 20 Oct 07  
‹♫Maura♪Beyond♪Belief♫› 27 Sep 07  
not much
Craven 28 Sep 07  
not much, noodles. :P
‹♫Maura♪Beyond♪Belief♫› 27 Sep 07  
Craven 27 Sep 07  
hiyas... what's up? ^_^
kaitiXbang 27 Sep 07  
I Ish Kaiti..
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