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This is my dream page i love to listen to pples dreamz! im looking for ppl with the coolest dreams! And if i love your dream so much i will put it on this page! you could tell me any kind of dreams like: scary, love, funny, etc; The purpose of dreams are that you are telling yourself what you need to do!*
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FireNinjaFighter writes:   18 April 2008   128473  
Hello! I have dreamed lotz of stuff but never experience like reality O.o Last week
i dreamt i was going to prom w/ the guy i like but he couldn't go because he didn't
have money to rent or buy a suit and besides his parents didn't let himgo or date. I
was worried and decided to confessed to him what i felt for him <3 finally i hugged
him and he did 2. A while ago it was night and we decided 2 cheat from the bak door.
When we did we ended in a big swimming pool that we almost drowned. Thats when I woke
up and i realized my heart was beating. Now I never realized that back then in 3rd
grade this same kid bugged me 2 much until things changed in highschool. Now we are
in our junior year and all of us changed. I notice he turns and stares at me to check
what i'a mdoing. We madly have a crush on eachother but we never say something. Only
looks tell since my dad doesn't let me date now until i finish highschool year >=-<
so what u guys think? sorry if i wrote 2 much i just had to let go my feelings....
can u guys wish me luck w/ him pwease?! *sad puppy eyes*
‹.:cσℓσυяε∂ sσx αяε мч ωσяℓ∂:› says:   20 April 2008   733431  
cool beans dude! thats a purtty cool dream. from my experiance i have all kinds
dreams like that.
Two_in_One says:   24 April 2008   411457  
Once I had a dream where I met Miley Cyrus. I got her e-mail and everything. I wish
I could live in that dream...
Deaf_Silence says:   24 April 2008   711978  
I have dreams than  can hear. Oh wow music is my dreams that is
Gabbster says:   2 May 2008   891411  
Hi Cori !!!
‹.:cσℓσυяε∂ sσx αяε мч ωσяℓ∂:› says:   2 May 2008   761665  
hi gabby!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   30 May 2008   391682  
I have a bunch of dreams XD my favorite is being a famous singer. i practice
everyday and try to write songs :> i have other ones like a famous artist or game
designer :P
‹.:cσℓσυяε∂ sσx αяε мч ωσяℓ∂:› says :   30 May 2008   873133  
coolness i want to be a singer too!
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