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The Kupika Magazine! We Need Recruits!

Hey everybody! Wanna know about the Kupika Magazine? Here's some info that our Editor-in-Chief, starwarschick, has made for us: Front Page: This section is for reporting on World Issues. You can either assess both sides of the situation or speak strongly about what you think about something and let your individual voice be heard. 3 writers & 1 editor needed. Celebrity Gossip: What scoop do you have on the so-hot and so-not celebrities? Share your juicy secrets here. 3 writers & 1 editor needed. Writers: prettyrickylover dannidanz Kupika Gossip: Has there been anything important going on in Kupika? Any drama? Or would you just like to share your opinion about issues in Kupika(ex: cyberers)? 3 writers and one editor needed. Writers: prettyrickylover Advice column: Would you like to give advice to Kupikans who need it? The Spot is full. Advice Givers: BlackDiva _xxcrocodilehunterxx_ Coora Reviews: How good was that movie? Or was it bad? Give a review on a book, movie, videogame, album... any form of entertainment, even oekakis! 2 writers needed. 1 editor also. Reviewers: MrHello Rant: This column is for expressing your opinion on something. Let your voice be heard and start shouting! 1-3 ranters needed, and one editor. Fashion: What are the hottest patterns, shirts, and purses? Share your opinion, use models, or bring in Elouai dolls for your demonstration. 3-5 writers needed. Fashion Writer/ Designer: Coora Editorials/Letter to the Editor: Did you feel strongly about an article which was published in Kupika magazine? Share your opinion here. Anyone free to participate. Designers: This elite team of designers shall design the cover of the magazine and the layout of the KupiPage. Knowledge on CSS designer needed. About 5 on the team needed. Also have to know how to publish layouts. Designers: MrHello Subscription Senders: These people send the magazine to their subscribers. Knowledge of direct linking is needed. 3-5 senders needed. Art column: Anyone can publish their art and writing here. Artists: PikaPiru, Coora Horoscope: What's in the stars for you this month? These gifted fortune-tellers will know! 1-2 fortune tellers needed. Interviewers: Interview someone on Kupika, whether it be an Oekakier, Elouai Designer, or even Cyberer! No more interviewers needed. Interviewers: _mcr_rules ILoveActing And now the seemingly big question... how many KupiPoints will you get? Writers: 5 KupiPoints for each article. Interviewers: 5 KupiPoints for each interview. Editors: 5 KupiPoints for each article you turn in to the Editor-in-Chief, which is me. Fortune Tellers: 5 KupiPoints for every issue. Artists: 5 KupiPoint for every artwork piece or story you turn in. Ranters: 5 KupiPoint for every rant you turn in. Subscription Senders: 1 KupiPoint for each subscription you deliver. And Subscribers... 7 KupiPoint for each issue, but I assure you that you've paid your money's worth! Article Regulations: Each article has to be a page long, double-spaced, with correct grammar and spelling. Each article has to be turned in to the editor, who in return, will turn it in to me. Editor's Regulations: You have to correct the article and give the writer feedback. After the writer corrects the article, the editor will have to turn it in to me. Interview Regulations: At least 5 interesting questions. Fortune Tellers: Fortunes must at least be a paragraph long, which is about 5 sentences with at least five words. Thank you for looking. -The Editor-in-Chief, starwarschick Wanna be a part of the Kupika Magazine? Join the club, you can find it on starwarschick's profile, or mine. I hope to see you there!
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  Coora — Page created: 20 June 2007
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Veggie says:   20 June 2007   921829  
Can i be a reviewer?? Please? and if any advice writers drop out i want to be one!
starwarschick says:   20 June 2007   663565  
Yes, you can. Just go to the club and join.
ChibiRini says:   20 June 2007   671252  
Can I be the Kupika Gossip editor? I am really very good at language arts and have a
good way of noticing things others don't.
Coora says:   20 June 2007   558936  
Go to the club and join!
Inu1995 says:   20 June 2007   938434  
I wouldn't mind being your horoscope editor.
chris_aka_25 says:   20 June 2007   746859  
i mak good book s
Yoshiko_Saruwatari says:   22 January 2008   583338  
I'll be a horoscope person!^-^
cat_luva says:   28 May 2008   996571  
i will be a fashion person. My name is Cat and I am 15 years old. I read Fashion
magazines so i would luv to work in the magazine. Can i plz be in??
ghost_hunter789 says :   7 February 2010   520396  
i have a secret but please please please dont post it
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