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Creative Writing Class for Kupika School!

♥Kupika School!!!♥

Creative Writing Class

Welcome to the Creative Writing Class for angelgirl629’s Kupika School. In this class there won’t be any penalization for incorrect grammar, spelling, usage, or mechanics. All I ask is that you try your best when writing and be as creative as possible.
MUGS Lesson- Updated 6/12/2007 Every so often I will put up a small lesson on MUGS (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar, and Spelling). Hopefully you will find these beneficial to your writing and apply them as needed. ---Two= The number 2. For example: I have two eyes . ---Too= Meaning "also". For example: I have a dog too! ---To= Used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person, place, or thing approached and reached, as opposed to from. For example: They came to the house.
The Assignment- Please send everything in before July 31st The first assignment will be called Writing a Short Introduction. There are a few things your Short Introduction will need to have: ---Content. Please make your introduction as fun to read and creative as possible. -----Setting and Action. Please make your character have a setting to move around in. Try to let your character move and be real! -----Appearance. Include the Appearance of your character, just don’t make it the whole point of the introduction. ---Character. Is your character perfect? Well, if they are they’ve become perfectly boring. Throw in a few faults make it fun and interesting! ---Descriptive Language. If possible, please try and use descriptive words in your introduction.
Here is an example that I’ve written of an introduction, please don’t steal it:
Aw, look at that adorable little girl coming down the road. Isn't she the cutest girl you've ever seen? Why look, she's been playing dress-up as well. A tiny little swords at her waist and she seems to be wearing travelers gear! Oh, she's fallen over, poor dear. Wait, is she... cursing?
Indeed Wendelle, that "adorable little girl" was indeed cursing enough to make a sailor blush. At this point I am almost positive anyone who would've thought that Wendelle was cute would have run away in fright. In reality she was, with a cute little button nose, rosy cheeks, freckles scattered across her cheeks, and the signature fluffy yellow blonde hair. It didn't help that she had yet to top five feet. Not that Wendelle ever would.
She had offended a very powerful maker of poisons, curses and such. The punishment? Youth until the day she died, that is, the youth of a six-year-old girl. Wendelle had not taken kindly to this, for she was only a mere fifteen and had hopes to become an adventurer. Who would take a six-year-old seriously?
She was a stubborn girl though, and went on to live her dream. Four years later and a good deal more experienced (and a good deal poorer). Wendelle was tired of being laughed at, of course the result of how many times this had happened to her fed to her amazingly quick temper. Tripping over her own feet and cursing brilliantly was a taste of what few had dared provoke. Now though as she slowly calmed down her eyes fell upon a tavern. Perhaps this place would allow her to enter, sit, and drink for a while? Most likely not, but Wendelle had already dusted herself up and opened the door.

Yours does not have to be exactly like this at all, just a short introduction about a character using the criteria above. If you have any questions feel free to comment on this page or send me a message/letter.

Intro's People Have Sent In: Cherryluver123's Intro for Lizzie Hope: Do you ever feel like a loser? i do! All the time! But there is this one girl Maddie, I know she doesn't! She is so perfect! She is pretty,smart,has lots of friends, and all the guys like her!Who would have known all of her secrets!How she feels, what goes on behind her pretty face,and what she does!And who would have known that we would become best friends! this is our story!

If you would like to sign up for this class please go to this page: and sign up for my class or just send me an intro!
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nickiberg says:   13 May 2007   649635  
cool its nice
YumiAce says:   14 May 2007   852263  
visit my page-
I'll join! PLUS tell my friends! I try to be a helpful teacher!
YumiAce says:   14 May 2007   574546  
I work at kupika school too!
YumiAce says:   14 May 2007   966845  
i am doing drawing class!
Coora says:   15 May 2007   389692  
Fun! I'll look at your site!
cherryluver123 says:   11 June 2007   564594  
im joining ur class! ill message u my intro!
cherryluver123 says:   12 June 2007   543168  
im i ur ONLY student??
Coora says:   14 June 2007   964963  
xxxlouisianaxxx says:   7 July 2007   572675  
can i join im in the club
Coora says :   8 July 2007   299335  
Of course you may.
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