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Thought you guiz might wanna know meeee

About Me

Full Name: Amber Kate Ashley Gardner
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5 foot 3. I swear I stopped growing when I was 12.
Shoe Size: 4-ish? I don't even fucking know.
Ring Size: I don't actually know.
Heritage: Manx. oh yeah.
Graduating Year: 2013 - next year! MWUAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wait, I'm staying for Sixth Form...
Birthdate: 26 March 1997 
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Concert: IDK, Busted?
Best Friend: Rebecca Sexyham probs.
Crush: Some guy called Josh in year 4. Oh, god.
Pet: A couple of dogs that I used to run over with a pram apparently.
Sport: Crying.

Have You Ever

Sky Dived: Nope. Gotta do that sometime.
Bungee Jumped: I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't yet.
Gone out of the Country: Uh, obviouslyy.
Beaten Someone Up: Well, kind've. It's a long and complicated story.
Gotten Beat Up: No. aha.
Killed an Animal: pssssh. noooo.
Swam in the Ocean: Yup. It was terrifying.
Broke the Law: My lawyer says I'm not legally required to answer that question.
Smoked: No, actually.
Chewed Tobacco: Nope.
Drank: Yup. That camping trip was interesting.
Been Kissed: Yeah.
Been In Love: I don't know... It was difficult to say when I was only 14 at the time. Maybe?
Dumped Someone: Nah.
Been Dumped: Nope.
Broken Someone's heart: Yeah. I feel bad for that. Hah, no I don't. 
Had Your Heart Broken: It wasn't their fault.
Liked Someone Who Didn't Like You Back: all the fucking time.
Broken A Bone: Nope.
Had Surgery: I swallowed something once.
Had an X-ray or MRI: Probably.
Failed a Class: Nope, I'm a child genius.


Color: Orange. I've stayed faithful to that colour for years.
Food: Chicken nuggets and cheese garlic bread. Guess I should support ma babe Nutella, as well.
Drink: Diet Coke. Gotta be diet.
Snack: ... chocolate.
Cereal: Special K Honey & Oats. Food of the gods.
Ice Cream: Banana chocolate?
Candy: Percy Pigs. Love you, M&S!
Restaurant: Hey, if they've got garlic bread I'm there!
Fast Food Place: Subway or Maccies.
Store: Rainbows End. No, I'm kidding.
Animal: Cow. Or hippo. They're cool.
Quote: ''When the weight of all the world is pushing down, just push right back'' - wise words of Rou Reynolds. Sorry I
couldn't think of anything qitty for you.
Sport To Play: Football? I don't play it all that often now though 'cause I'm a fat ass.
Sport To Watch: I would say football but it gets to intense for me.
Movie: Currently, The Hunger Games. Watched that movie three times and every time it felt just as amazing.
TV Show: I don't actually watch a lot of TV. The Middle, maybe? Or Victorious, though I only watch that because Cat and
Jade are hot and Liz and Ariana are clearly dating.
Type Of Music: Post-hardcore, indie rock, alternative rock.
Band: Enter Shikari.
Singer: Me.
Song: Hectic - Enter Shikari. sogood.
TV Commercial: It's sad that you'd think I have a favourite advert.
Love Song: Fireworks - You Me At Six.
Dance Song: Blue - Eiffel 65. aha, god.
Listen To When I'm Angry Song: The Waiting Room - We Are The Ocean or Who Are You Now - Sleeping With Sirens
Top Favorite Song: Top favourite song? wot.
Music Video: Houdini - Foster the People.
Disney Movie: Oh, that one about the girl and the imaginary book character. Read It and Weep?
Comedy Movie: Bridesmaids or I Love You, Man.
Scary Movie: Rec - so much horror and comedy from one movie. Um, The Last Exorcism's pretty good too.
Action Movie: The Avengers? 
Romantic Movie: Ugh. no.
Breakfast: Ma Special K cereal.
Lunch: Yeah, I don't eat lunch.
Dinner: Chicken wings.
Pet: My dog is really cool.
Fruit: Lemons are sound. They get so much crap too!
Veggie: ugh. go away.
Unrealistic animal: Dragons. But dinosaurs will always be better.
Soda: Coke?
Website: Tumblr................................................ Okay, love you too, Kupika!
Cartoon TV Show: Recess. Always.
Disney Princess: Fuck princesses.
Super Hero: Black Widow. Tits...

This or that

Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate. Fuck Vanilla.
Cake or Ice Cream: ohgod. Cake.
McDonalds or Burger King: Macciesss.
Love or Money: Love. Though I seem to have more money.
Music or TV: Music. deffo.
Cat or Dog: Dog.
Mum or Dad: I HATE THEM BOTH. jk.
Truck or Car: Car?
Ocean or Lake: I don't like saltwater, sorry. Gotta be lake.
Yahoo or Hotmail: You both suck.
Google or AJ: wot dafuq is AJ?
Light or Dark: Dark. ooh.
Country or City: City.
Rain or Sunshine: Sunshine lolly pops. 

The Opposite Sex (hey, either works for me, babes)

First Thing You Notice: Hair. I really don't know why.
Personality or Looks: Yeah, I'm one of those superficial people who actually value looks too. But they can't be a twat
Hair Color: Blonde or light brown
Eye Color: Brown or blue.
Short or Tall: I'm ain't fussed.
Romanic or Spontaneous: Aww, romantic.
Sense of Humor or Sweet: Oh, god. Sophie's Choice.
Hook up or Relationship: Relationship, biatch.


In Love: Nahh.
Single: Yup.
Best Friends: Hagrid. I'm serious. But her name isn't actually Hagrid.

The Future

Career: I'm thinking about a profession in the hobo arts. Very prestigious.
Marriage: We'll see.
Kids: I can barely take care of myself.
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