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Here is 11th April's to 1 st Mays riddles

you have three riddles answer them and u win kp' s!

1. A man was just about to put his key in the door when he heard his wife scream "No Charlie, don't do it!" The man
walked in his house to find his wife dead on the floor next to a doctor, a lawyer and a police officer. None of them had
name tags and the man did not know who any of them were. The only thing the man knew is that the police officer did it.
How did he know?

answer = 5kp( only first two) 

2. Two dogs are sitting on a porch - a fat dog and a thin dog. The little dog is the son of the fat dog, but the fat dog
is not the father of the thin dog. Can you explain? 

answer = 3kp for da first 2

3. If you go to the movies and you're paying, is it cheaper to take one friend to the movies twice, or two friends to
the movies at the same time?

answer = 2kp ( for first two)
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mew_berry_san says:   11 April 2007   546637  
Number 2, the fat dog is his mother! 
Number 3, Neither?
Dreamer_Gal says:   11 April 2007   787475  
#2-it's his mother
#3- It's the same price.
Clauds says:   11 April 2007   873287  
the first one is right mew_berry_san and Dreamer_gal but three is wrong!
navygirl says:   11 April 2007   399971  
#1The police could had have a gun and the doctor is a person who helps injured ppl
and the lawer is her lawer proboly and so the police did it!
#2,yea the fat dog is his mother!
#3 Its the same!
spymaster21 says:   11 April 2007   788644  
1:the policeman had a knife in his hand
2:the fat dog is the mother
3:taking two people at a time is cheaper

i'm only 8
navygirl says:   11 April 2007   627391  
oh wait #3 is if you take one friend to a movie twice it is cheaper!
Clauds says:   11 April 2007   524322  

1. its wrong
2. right but u cant get the kp coz two have already got it!
3. thats right!

u get 2 kp u can try the first one again! 

1. thats a good guess but not right sorry
2. yes but  u cant get kp coz the first two already have sorry!
3. thats wrong!

u get 0 kp sorry but u can try the third and first one again!
panda says:   13 April 2007   975455  
i don't get it,can you give me some easier ones?(only me!)
Clauds says:   13 April 2007   643363  
okay then i will send them in a e-mail!
Clauds says:   13 April 2007   678935  
heres a well hard 1 the first person who gets it gets 7kp: 

An officer wishing to arrange his men in a solid square found by his first
arrangement that he had 39 men left over. He then started increasing the number of
men on a side by one, but found that 50 additional men would be needed to complete a
new square. How many men did the officer have?
Frankie21221 says:   13 April 2007   551614  
3 taking 2 people at the same time
Clauds says:   13 April 2007   453165  
yep correct! but u cant get it coz 4 have already said it!
Ana_Banana says:   14 April 2007   551816  
1st-both the lawyer and the docter are girls
so it had to be the police officer

2nd-its the mother

3rd-It's cheaper to take two friends at the same time. In this case, you would only
be buying three tickets, whereas if you take the same friend twice you are buying
four tickets
Clauds says:   14 April 2007   124612  
1 wrong sorry no 1 has got that right!

2 yes but to many people have the kps!

3 correct but same as 2
richgirl says:   27 April 2007   173571 mother
Clauds says:   28 April 2007   683274  
kk den wrong lol well anyway i cnt give u da money!
‹Naita› says:   26 November 2007   426431  
Two friends at the movie at the same time!!!!
‹~AJ+Iz+Back~› says:   21 June 2009   523991  
1.the lawyer and doctor were dead

2. because the fat dog is the mother not the father

3. if you take one firend twice you pay for 4 tickets.
but, if you take 2 friends once then you only pay for 4 tickets.

i bet im the first to get number 1 right am i ?
‹.Obsidian.Jinx.› says :   8 January 2010   605879  
1. The other two were women, or she was the only woman
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