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All about me

Name: clarisa 
Age: 12
Birthdate: 8/22/95 
Birthplace: USA 
Location: NEW JERSEY

Hair Color: brown  
Eye Color: brown 
Weight: i dunno 
Height: i dunno
Braces? yes 
Glasses/contacts? glasses  
Freckles? nope 
Scars? yes lots
Style: i dunno a little of every thing 

Food: pizza
Drink: iced tea 
Store(s): any store as long as its a clothes store
Color(s): red and black 
Shoe Brand: rebok and nike and jordans 
Clothing Brand(s): any brand 
Purse Brand(s): i hardly use purses


Coke/Pepsi: pepsi 
Bikini/One Peice: one piece 
Love/Money: love
Resturant/Fast Food: returant 
Boy/Girl: boy
Pop/Water: pop 
Dogs/Cats: dogs 
Abercrombie/Walmart: Abercrombie 
Night/Day: night  
Sun/Rain: sun
Have You Ever
Cried in school: yes  
Laughed so hard you peed: no  
Seen your best friend naked: no 
Taken a shower with someone: yes 
Been drunk: no 
Smoked: no 
Cried on someones shoulder: no
Let someone cry on your shoulder: yes  
Used the bathroom in front of a friend: no 

Do You
Smoke: no  
Do Drugs:no
Drink: no  
Cry often: sometimes  
Change in front of your friends: yes  
Talk about private things with friends:yes   
Favorite eye color: i dunno 
Favorite hair color: brown or black    
tatoos: no 
peircings: yes(ears) 
style: i dunno a little bit of every thing
The last.
person you hugged: angie one of my besty friends
person you kissed: my mom 
person you talked to: angie one of my besty friends
time you cried: i dunno 
time you laughed: just now 
thing you bought: popcorn
person you yelled at: my sister 
person you said i love you to: mom
person you told you they loved you: mom  
person you hit: my sister 
thing you drank: SunnyD
thing you ate: poptart
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  Clari_A — Page created: 6 January 2007  |  Last modified: 3 September 2007
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Tomboy400 says:   13 January 2007   174683  
what the hell?
Clari_A says:   13 January 2007   574612  
what do you mean
STARSINGER says:   16 January 2007   134822  
yea sound so much like me in so many ways but i think i mite be a little diffeant
than you
Clari_A says:   17 January 2007   852177  
i know right
SexyLilNJGrl1993 says:   20 July 2007   294232  
WOW Im a jersey grl 2
Clari_A says :   5 August 2007   475962  
okay  hi
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