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Learn some Japanese words!

Hello Everyone! As it says on my profile I was very interested in Japan and kinda (not sure about the words) know only just a few words and here they are. OH and something new! Go to Japanese, copy and paste one of the Japanese writing or the pronounciation and she/he will say it!: Hello = こんにちは or 今日は (Kon'nichiwa or Kyō wa) How are you = お元気ですか (Ogenkidesuka) Good = 良い or いい (Yoi or Ī) Fine = 宜しい (Yoroshī) Bad = 悪い (Warui) Sick = 病気の (Byōki no) What = 何ですか (Nandesuka) Me = 私に (Watashi ni) You = あなた (Anata) Best = 最高の (Saikō no) Worst = 最悪 (Saiaku) Yes = はい (Hai) No = ノー or いいえ or なし (Nō or Īe or Nashi) I love you = 愛している (Ai shite iru) I love you too = 私も愛してる (Watashi mo Ai shite iru) Mom = ママ (Mama) Dad = お父さん (Otōsan) Mother = 母 (Haha) Father = 父 (Chichi) Brother = 弟 (Otōto) Sister = 姉妹 (Shimai) Cousin = いとこ (Itoko) Aunt = おばさん (Obasan) Uncle = 叔父 (Oji) Grandma = ばあちゃん (Bāchan) Grandpa = おじいちゃん (Ojīchan) Grandmother = 祖母 (Sobo) Grandfather = おじいさん (Ojīsan)
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  Cindy18 — Page created: 7 October 2012  |  Last modified: 15 October 2012
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‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   7 October 2012   904636  
Konn'ichi'wa is actually 'Good Afternoon'.

Ohayou Gozaimasu is Good Morning.
Cindy18 says:   7 October 2012   247059  
Ok, Thanks! I'm not THAT good at saying/typing Japanese words, I really need to call
Mimi(Japanese Friend) back cause some words I get confused with and switch 'em up or
forget them. 
fuckyouverymuch says:   8 October 2012   780714  
omg this is actually real cool thank you 
500000+ points
Cindy18 says:   8 October 2012   155581  
Your welcome and Thank you for the compliment! Appreciate it! 
aster says:   9 October 2012   105159  
1] kyo wa is like saying "today..." 
2] you will usually start sentences by saying watashi wa (私は) as 'I'
3] fine is usually いいです だいじょうぶ 'yoroshi' is really used as good
as in the expression よろしくおねがいします。 or 'please treat me
4] best could be usually said as いちばん 'number one'
5] uncle is also usually said with a さん at the end of it.
6] grandmother is usually おばあさん unless you're being very casual. 
7] same thing with mother it is usually おかあさん because ママ is usually
said by children and saying it as an adult sounds very strange.
Cindy18 says :   9 October 2012   138703  
Thank You! Like I said I'm not really sure about the words I have but thanks for
helping out. 
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