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I am in a creative writing club at school and this is where I will post the stories I write for it.

The Girl of the Tower
Once Upon a time there was a girl by the name of Constantine. She lived in a clock tower divine. Spinning and Spinning.
Day in and Day out. Simply spinning in her clockwork gown. Making the gears turn; looking out the window at the
picturesque town below. All day long no one knew she was there Oh how she wished someone did! She knew what would happen
if she stopped spinning for she had ventured out before. The town would turn grey and time would utterly stop and so she
spins. Spending each day lost in her thoughts. Contemplating how she got here. She found however that she had no memory
of ever being anywhere else in her life. She had no concept of all the time she had spent on her eternal dance in the
clock tower. She simply spins. Never feeling hunger or thirst; Never fading; Never grasping how truly and utterly alone
she is. She spins watching a child play with a sable and white furry dog outside. “Alexa come in its raining! And
bring the dog! He needn’t be soaked!” a woman yelled from a house. “Coming Mother!’ the child, Alexa, replied.
Constantine was enamored by the voices she heard many a day floating up to her tower but with every one she found
herself immersed, wondering about each beings life and what it would be like to live as them. She spins and spins until
one day a cloaked figure appears to her. “I have seen your woes and I am here to relieve you of your curse.” the
figure says . Constantine continues her dance but inquires “How might that be possible? And who are you who comes to
me claiming such a power to change my fate for my fate is mine and mine alone. It can never be changed. I am doomed to
dance for eternity.”  The figure smiled beneath her hood. “I know magic that is how I can release you. Your fate is
a burden but it was not intended to be yours. As for my name I am Maryssa of the Sylph. I can release you but you must
find the one who has sentenced you to this fate for someone must dance in your place.”
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