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Everyone is asking me why I live with my grandparents:

Well,It's a long story.
When I was eight,I was staying with a friend in Kentucky.
[Before I moved down here to Ohio,I live in North Carolina.]
I stayed there for about a week or two and my parents were driving up to get me.
They were coming that Tuesday,so I knew I should be waiting for them.
Well,Tuesday passed.
Wednesday passed.
No call.
I didn't hear from them.
About,two days later my grandparents came and got me.
We went down to my house in North Carolina,
And my parents weren't there.
We found a note on my bedroom door saying:
"Chris,we couldn't handle it."
The trip i went on,was a way to leave me.
Last year was the first time I heard from them since they said Goodbye to me in Kentucky.
My mom had died in a car accident.
My dad's exact words were,
"Your mom's dead. If it wasn't for you,it probaly wouldn't of happened. Me and Lizzy[my mom] could still be down in
North carolina. Thanks."
I cried a week straight.
My grandparents care enough to keep me.
I love them more than anything on this planet. 
I don't know what I would do without them.
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  ChrisToFurSure — Page created: 3 May 2009
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‹eloquence› says:   3 May 2009   495664  
Wow, sadd:'[
But at least you have your grandparents now
lElectric_raichu_returns says:   3 May 2009   557316  
But grandparents are grandparents. Grandparents come and go, so what happens when
they die? What then?....You see, just a day ago I found I've got cancer. I don't feel
sorry for you. Stuff happens. Get it, Got it, Good.
hannahboo says:   3 May 2009   172734  
wow thats realy sad *sob gives you hug*
Princess_Dramaqueen says:   4 May 2009   174746  
Electri raichu returns! Your Sick and imoral! SP what if youv'e got cance if u dont
give a toss about anyone else no ones gonna give a toss about you!

I feel 4 u chris!! Thats so horrible xhow can u dad blame u he ws the one who went
away from you x xx Your grandparents are ace! They obviously love you to bits x x
your a brave soul x
rockstarprincess says:   4 May 2009   566477  
wow that is really sad i almost cried
rockstarprincess says:   4 May 2009   665454  
i live with my grandparents also my parents could not take care of me very well my
grandmother said she tried to give me spoiled milk once and she thinks that might be
the reason i don't like white milk also i think she said once that my mother does not
have maternal instincts like most women
‹jealousmindsthinkalike.› says :   4 May 2009   629916  
:/ That one kid is an ass. He doesn't get to be bitter just because his life is a
little fucked.

You know if you ever need to talk, I'll be here, no matter what. 

& You are offically cool, I live in Ohio. :]
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