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Q:Are you fake
A:No I am not, if you read my profile you would know...

Q:Are you single?
A:Yes i am -again in my profile D:<-

Q:Why are you mean?
A: I am not mean, I am just outspoken...

Q:How are you a band freak? Your soo pretty?
A:I hate stereotypical people, if i was "ugly" then should I be a band freak?

Q:Why dont you want to be my friend?
A:Its not that I dont want to be your friend its just that I have to get to know the person in order to become

Q:Why did you make a FAQ?
A:Because I am to lazy to answer individual questions 

-more to come...if you ask them :]-
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  ChoChoTrain — Page created: 18 July 2008
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