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Akane-chan's Survey!!!!!QUESTIONS & ANSWER!

Music by the Reporter: None by the moment!
Kupika's THE BIG Q~~~~!!!!!! yes.idea stole from Nickelodeon. XD Personal Questions! Favorite Sport:Swimming!!!! Favorite kinds of food:Sweet,salty,moderated,and JAPANESE!!!!:D :D :D Hated Sport:??? Do I believe in God:OF COURSE!Only a HOG wouldn't!!!!XD If yes,Catholic,Protestant,or etc.:Catholic My kind of guy:Even Hinata knows this:HOODIES!!!! Spam moment:Perfect Equations!!!Hoodies=<3 hoodies are cool hoodies are HAWT!*PSSH!* Hair in Real Life:Dark brownish...?XD Skin:Fair here and in real life! Eyes:Brown?LOL.I haven't seen my irises yet.XD REAL age:11 Favorite Anime(s)(in rating): #1:Naruto Shippuuden #2:Naruto #3:Tekken 5 Favorite Color:Yellow and anything dark like black and purple Crush for now or forever:A hoodie of course!You guess who the hoodie is <3 Hobbies in Real Life:Logging on Kupika-Playing with mah PSP/surfing on it-drawing out my fantasies XD RPG LIFE!(Anime:Naruto Shippuuden) Name:Akane Haku Age:17 Hair:Purple Eyes:I got contacts.XD the original is white. Friends:Hinata,Kiba,Shino,Naruto,Sasuke,Tenten,Neji My ideal Naruto/(insert anime name) couples:Hinata X Naruto Tenten X Neji Sakura X Sasuke Kurenai X Asuma Spam Moments:Asuma's dead.Poor Kurenai. Naruto/(insert anime name) Crush:Kiba's mine.Back off,pally.Specially if this is a girl.Except for Hinata.XD Hobbies:I've finally put off killing.I'm finally the RaiKage.So why not think about my hobby?Oh right.Tiger carer.XD Moral Life!(comment on what good or bad these personality traits give to you!) Pride:it gets in trouble just about A LOT OF TIMES XD Humility:Still practicing it.REALLY hard for me. Obedience:To those who think I'm a good girl,think again.I complain a lot. O.o Sloth:I most definitely am.My mom wakes me up a lot of times O.o Wrath:Yes.And fire is my element.XD no,really! Self-control:No,I can't control myself..... Respectfulness:Not on everyone.......... Criticism:Sarcasm works.I really AM sarcastic. DX Carefulness:I care about some people a lot.Like my friends on here.:D Kindness:O.o how about carefulness instead?I wanna donate but my 'rents don't want me to >.< Charity: (see above) Mindfulness:I get lost in time a lot...... Ending! If you wanna take this survey,go ahead,post it in a new Kupipage,write in your OWN answers,and post the link of your page here!You may even get copiers of your own!Add your own questions and answers. This is NOT a chain. Sayonara,_____-san!!!!!! ~This quiz idea has been stolen by____(write the name of who ever you copied the survey from) make avatar
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  Chidori_Chan — Page created: 8 June 2008
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Temari_ says:   12 June 2008   985161  
This ain't a chain right?
Chidori_Chan says:   12 June 2008   349831  
NO IT'S NOT!!!!!
‹XXxByakugan_PrincessxXX› says:   13 June 2008   469781  
hi akane n temari 
Chidori_Chan says:   13 June 2008   632176  
‹XXxByakugan_PrincessxXX› says:   11 July 2008   981263  
its not chain!
Chidori_Chan says :   13 July 2008   866495  
DAMN!I forgot to edit this page!!>:O                 
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