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Human Flavors How Do You Taste? ♥ ♥

Every human has a flavor, What is yours? This is FREE!!! This is a page where if you tell me your persoality I'll tell you how you taste. (note:there are lots of flavors!) Example: ME: I'm outgoing and peppy. I like i mean lo♥e animals. i have lossa friends and I'm very random. I taste like: A strawberry shortcake. a favorite of the pies ChibiRini: I am a little shy but can be outgoing. I love animals and am fairly athletic. And I have lots of friends including you. you taste like: banana flavered ice cream,sweet and not the popularest but a big favorite of the ones who know her Sydalicous11: ok i am: outgoing popular but not as mean as the movies. I am a very seriouse person if i have to be. I have a bunch of friends. I can be mean to some of my friends when they get on my nerves. And that is about it lol. You taste like: sour and sweet candy, sour at first but in the end very sweet a giant favorite kelw9: I( am very outgoing always happy love to flirt) You taste like: snickers candy bar, sweet and tempting when you walk down the aisle and a favorite kittylol6: i am sweet,kind,normal,and a lil shy! You taste like: chocolate, sweet a normal candy and shy without sugar and very popular macmass95: can you do me i am outgoing, funny, popular, nice, pretty, unoriganail You taste like: a choclate easter bunny, they are cute popular and like nothing you have ever seen. Salem : make mine?: I am shy,funny,nice,i lovey the animals (especially wolves >.> You taste like: animal crackers, funny, good and animals! My_Chemical_Romance_MCR : i am trustworthy and really nice..I am shy at times..I can be mean at times but not alot..I like drawing and singing..I get stagefright sometimes.. You taste like: A strawberry lollypop, really nice sometimes bad when falls on the floor... nikx2141: I am ramdom and i love animals also i love to talk I also llove wolves You taste like: lays patato chips, a favorite, random and lovable Demonic_angel: I'm shy.I can be mean sometimes and nice at others.I'm oh so random. I love wolves and bats.I love to draw though i suck. You taste like: popcorn, yummy, hard to find a good flavor MewMewPuppy: I am very,nice and friendly plus weird, I love chibi kawaii, and cute stuff, an I also like outdoors. I love drawing and I am very good at it, I am random sometimes, I am weird, I play the violin and the piano, I have a great family and friends ^^ You taste like: cumquades, strange,an outdoorsy fruit, random... AMYxNiCOLE: i am random, spastic, hyper, serious [[not.]] and many other things. i love to dance, i love artistic things, i like learning, but hate homework. hm..i think that's it. :] you taste like: pixystix, Makes you hyper, non-serious, a fun snack macmass95: i like chocolate bunnys hop hop hop!!!!! my sister wants one she is...(in my mind) hyper, really really strong, smart, energetic, has anger isusses, fun when she is in a good mood, can switch moods like that..... what do you think she could be p.s: my friends said she is like this too! she tastes like: cherryberry fruit pie, all different flavors wrapped up in 1 pie
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  ChewyLover_210 — Page created: 14 April 2007  |  Last modified: 20 April 2007
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ChewyLover_210 says:   14 April 2007   677356  
I pasted all of your flavors above
Sydalicous11 says:   14 April 2007   322384  
lol hahahaha thank you
ChewyLover_210 says:   15 April 2007   763495  
If you like my page... plz go to chewy210 and give her a thumbs up and vote this
page a 10. plz cuz sum1 gave chewy210 a thumbs down and she is saddddddddd.... 
PS I am chewy210 tooo
chewy210 says:   20 April 2007   615396  
oooooooooooooooooo... I like pie
AMYxNiCOLE says:   20 April 2007   545585  
yay i love pixystix. :D
Aquanette_Super_Gal says:   20 April 2007   515321  
I'm not very athletic but very smart and sweet. ALL the boys love me!
ChewyLover_210 says:   20 April 2007   943927  
do u want one? plz say if you want one plzzzzzzzzzz
ChewyLover_210 says:   20 April 2007   928519  
PS I won't do yours unless you say what you want.
Yukata says:   20 April 2007   149361  
w0ot im a animal kraker!!!
Yukata says:   20 April 2007   412674  
mmmmmMMMMmmmmm i hungry now....
‹kaylee<3› says:   25 April 2007   383977  
Well I'm nice, funny, I guess and a little unconfedent to myself. I'm outgoing and
totally fun to hang out with. I have MANY friends that are mainly girls but
still friends. I'm strait(of course) and I love to dance ballet and loving it. 

p.s. if you need more info look on my profile!
‹kaylee<3› says:   25 April 2007   117563  
Oh sorry...I'm also random...a lot of random!
YumiAce says:   3 May 2007   984727  
me likey pagey, i can't vote but i giv u a 100000,00000000 thums up anyway! 
can u thumbs up me????
Danielle10 says :   5 May 2007   884411  
I am honest,responsible and smart.
figure out mine,pleaz.
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