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Spanish Class

Kupika High Welcome to Spanish class. My name is Miss Bliss, and I am the teacher for spanish, drama and soccer. Today we will learn some verbs, some common places, and a few conversation starters. VERBS estar ~ to be hablar ~ to talk ir ~ to go salir ~ to leave [Think of it as go is 2 letters and so is ir, and leave is 3 letters more, and so is salir!] comer ~ to eat cocinar ~ to cook correr ~ to run beber ~ to drink COMMON WORDS libro ~ book el cuerto de bano ~ the bathroom (literally room of the bath) cama ~ bed yo ~ i mi ~ me me ~ my PHRASES hola ~ hello adios ~ goodbye como estas? ~ how are you? -muy mal ~ very bad -asi asi ~ okay -muy bien ~ very good [take out muy if you just want to say bad or good] como te llama? ~ what is you're name? -me llama es ___ ~ My name is ___ donde esta _____? ~ where is ______? Gracias ~ Thank you De Nada ~ You're welcome Como se llama? ~ What is their name? [point to someone in most cases] Okay class, time is almost up. Of course, you have homework. A creative writing story. You are on a trip with you're friend, and going to visit they're relatives. They only speak spanish, so you must remember well. Make up a conversation between you and you're friend or one of you're friends relatives, using the words you know. I would like this handed in on Friday or before. Notify me by mail if you have you're assignment. DO NOT POST THE HOMEWORK HERE!!! VERY IMPORTANT!! Thank you, send any questions to me here.
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sportygirl00 says:   13 April 2007   545566  
hola, i would like to know how to say  oh no you didnt..... and your my best friend
plz help
Morgana says:   7 May 2007   523859  
¿tienen esto? ¿Usted realy habla español de todos modos?
Centile says:   8 May 2007   547596  
Yo hablo un asi asi espanol.
mextreehugger says :   10 November 2007   914741  
o no tu no soy! [i think that's oh no you didn't]
Tu es mi amigo bueno. [you are my good friend]   o...
Tu es mi amigo primero. [you are my first friend]

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