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 The babysitter just invited a boy over, and they're sitting on the couch HOLDING HANDS. Seriously, does she want to get PREGNANT or something? -Fred
Welcome to Sarah's Playhouse. Oh yush, I NAMED my profile. you know why? You know why??? Cuz I'm what we call... PWNSME. Hahahahaha- Kidding. [Or AM I?? Ohhhh....] Sorry, I'm just REALLY hyper like, all the time. I don't mean to be all hyper [I just am] I have ADD. :DD I could say "Let's talk about a really serious matt- OH LOOK, A FLASHING LIGHT!!" It annoys people. Usually I get told to grow up. Pssh. Grow up? Stop being so serious... CHILLAXX. 8] But I can be serious when I want to. Like when I talk about my mom and dad. Both of which, are dead. I used to care what people said about me, and my VERY confused fucked up life, but now? You can bite me. Because I don't think I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't had gone through what I had. I live with my aunt. My cousin, Hayley, just moved out recently, so it's just me an' her. [Even with all the crap I've been through, I wouldn't trade it with anyone] I'm TAKEN. Get that through your teenage pervy sex mind! I have a boyfrannn. DanielJay You know I'm not good at mushy stuff... But I love you more than anything. You're the one who showed me what I could be; You showed me what I could accomplish. When I'm down, you bring me up. when you kiss me, you make me feel like I'm high. Floaty, and not in touch with anything. You're incredible. [Daniel: How can I make your day, how can I make you feel better? Sarah: I don't know. I had a REALLY bad day today.... Daniel: Grrr.... I have to fix that.... Okay, wait here. Sarah: Ummmm... Okay then. -sits on bed- Daniel: -comes back in with black kitten in hand- Sarah: AWWW!! Daniel: -starts messing with the kitten, trying to make it squeel- Squeel for her, please. Kitten: MEW!!! -scratches Daniel's hand- Daniel: OHHHH DAMN!! -hops around- Sarah: -laughs- Thanks. That made my day. <3 September 13, 2008; 4:48] And I'm not racist. Don't use the "n" word with me, even playing around. You'll get blacklisted before you know it. Because I'm not that kind of person. Don't judge someone and tell me about her being "a ****** who should go **** **** ****." Because I don't want to hear it. [Don't do it] Things That'll Get You Blacklisted - "hey, wanna cyber" [Ummm... No?] - "hey whats up" [That's like, the most annoying starter sentence EVER. Be more creative people] - "OMG! I love your profile!!" [That'll just freak me out] - OMG, ur lyk so ttly awesome! [No chatspeak. Chatspeak BAAD] - ur pretty [STOP LYING! >:[ ] -"so how r u 2day im good just im prettyy bored" [Okay why are we talking in run on sentences do you know how annoying this is to me pretty annoying dont do it okay] And another thing, I'm bisexual. And not one of those "I'll just say that I'm bisexual so people think I'm cool!" people. As in, true bi. TT__TT I kissed a girl and I like it. :DD Pssh, I made out with a girl, and I enjoyed it immensly. DOOD. I don't know what else to write about. Maybe I'll edit this later. Ciao. <3

Q&A Section   
nataval 8 Oct 08  
Y-y-your profile made me cry D;

No, not really :3 SAD PROFILES = NONO. 

I have this weird addiction to sending random Q&As to people already talking to
me -sends- u_u
CaptainObvious 13 Oct 08  
Made CHU CRYY?!  Whay? D:


Oh. O_O That's a... uh, GREAT addiction. -_-"
‹krista ♥› 2 Oct 08  
oohhmmmgggeee D: are avitars?characters  look almost the same XD
CaptainObvious 2 Oct 08  
xGabby_is_STELLARx4 14 Sep 08  
Well let me re-phrase this ...
"Your profile makes me feel happy inside (;"
Cuasee its layout is TUBULAR (:
CaptainObvious 14 Sep 08  
GAWD. I didn't make it. I got it from JelllyBeanJamie. It makes me happy inside too. :D
honeyoreo 14 Sep 08  
How do you get your profile like that? Btw, I love your name.

Scarcastic would seal the deal. I like seals. YAY! PAR-TAY!
CaptainObvious 14 Sep 08  
I got it from JelllyBeanJamie. Hey, thanks. I got it cause when someone says something COMPLETELY obvious, like, "that crunchy peanut butter is CRUNCHY." I just say, "UHHH... Thank you, captain obvious! ^_^" That annoys my aunt so friggin' much. :] Haha. Sarcasm IS pretty durned good. Like, YEH. Totally.
xGabby_is_STELLARx4 14 Sep 08  
Your profile turns me on (:
-In a non homo way- xD
CaptainObvious 14 Sep 08  
xD Is that even possible? You know, another girl's [profile] turning another girl on?
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