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To Darkness

Oh, you're so beautiful...
wrapped in the shadows you wear,
like a royal gown. 
Nightmares, that kiss my lips as
I sleep, and
then flutter away,
like midnight moths...
I'm addicted to your dark blood,
that you've spoon-fed me
since I was young, and
now is always trickling out of
the corner of my mouth...
I lick the sweetness 
from my fingertips,
blood-drunk and mystified. 

The graceful forms of bones,
some delicate alone,
yet together 
they support a living being...

I want more and more. 
The needle sinks into my skin.
I want more and more.
The hook in my lip, they're pulling me in.
I want more and more...
I beg for the poison, that black lovely sin...
I want more and more and more! 

This beauty that claws at my flesh, and rips me apart...
I want more, and more...
It left a grenade where I once had a heart. 
I want more and more. 
Fill me or kill me,
I'm yours or I'm dead!
You love me, you hate me,
but love to fuck with my head. 
My thoughts are in flames, 
as I relish these pains...
I want more and more and more and more and more and more!!!

I hate you, 
I despise your ravenous beauty. 
I'm both predator and prey 
in this hazy realm. 
I'm dangerously safe here,
these shadows do suit me,
and I feel like I was born to drink
this dark blood from the fountain in hell........

I'm less than nothing!
Less than air!
It's way more than I expect
for anyone to care. 

It would kill me to think of
when surrounding me from every angle is

All the horrible things
in their lightless eyes
as they watch me, always
from where they hide...
Everything, all of it, 
makes me feel alive. 
Take it away, just take it away... 

Their hands on my skin...
Please, just take it away. 
All the carnage I've walked in...
Just take it away.
I'm dying underneath 
the weight of my sin...
Just take it away, please just take it away!
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  ‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› — Page created: 26 February 2013
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‹Useless girl› says:   26 February 2013   293618  
did you write this? It's quite good!
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   26 February 2013   532298  

I wrote this a while ago. 
‹Useless girl› says:   26 February 2013   100585  
Really pretty. 
AnantaRa says:   28 February 2013   127724  
I fucking love it </3
Demonic_Rayne12 says :   24 March 2013   198860  
This is fucking epic face :D

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