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1. •Learn To Play The Guitar. 2. •Be With The One. 3. •Travel to Another Country. 4. •Become a Photographer. 5. •Go a Year Without Internet 6. •Make a Big Decision On My Own. 7. •Go On a Road Trip With Just Friends. 8. •Make My Own Money. 9. •Get My Tongue or Septum Pierced. 10. •Get a Tattoo. 11. •Get Out of The House For a Year. 12. •Be Remembered 13. •Have Self-Respect 14. •Stop Trying To Be In Control 15. •Become Something Productive? [I think that's the word] 16. •Find Joy In Life 17. •Ride a unicycle 18. •Learn To RollerBlade 19. •Go Wind Surfing 20. •Live In Scotland For Some Time 21. •Go HorseBack Ridding On The Beach 22. •Learn To Skii 23. •Become A Black Belt in Karate 24. •Learn Boxing 25. •Become Fluent In French 26. •Become Fluent In German 27. •Become Fluent In ASL 28. •Learn To Belly Dance 29. •Learn How To Say "Hello" In Atleast 10 Different Languages 30. •Form A Band 31. •Release An Album 32. •Learn To Hula [Hawaiian Dance] x3 33. •Snorkel With Dolphins 34. •Snorkel With Manatees 35. •Scuba-Dive 36. •Learn To Surf [Again x3] 37. •Go Bungee Jumping 38. •Visit A Rain Forest 39. •Go To Japan 40. •Experience Weightlessness 41 •See A Platypus 42. •See A Koala Bear 43. •Go On A Safari 44. •Become a Vegetarian 45. •Milk a Cow 46. •Ride a Camel 47. •Ride an Elephant 48. •Visit Iguassu Falls 49. •Visit All Seven Continents 50. •Visit Japan 51. •Visit Disney World/Land 52. •Visit All Fifty States 53. •Be In A Food Fight 54. •Learn Astrology 55. •Learn To Brew Beer XD 56. •Learn To Juggle 57. •Solve The Rubik's Cube 58. •Grow Bonsai Trees 59. •Create A Wedding 60. •Read Over 100 Books 61. •Finish This List
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‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   17 June 2011   494973  
Me.  You.  Hotwired stolen car.  Right now.  Up to New Jershey...but grab some
pickles for the road, maybe we can get pedicure of Italian flags.  'Kay?  But, this
time my hair won't get caught in the automatic doorway.
‹Jameson Tokes› says:   15 July 2011   650943  
:/ A year of no internet? *scoffs*
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says:   25 July 2011   663020  
Thankfully that's already checked off my list(: 
Still_Learning says:   25 July 2014   913506  
This is actually a really cool list. I hope that you've kept up with it! It's given
me inspiration to write my own bucket list.
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says :   26 July 2014   354843  
Thankie cx
& I am :D 

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