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Ask Claire for my e-mail if you feel you must talk to me. I trust her
judgment. If you aren't tight with Claire than erase me from your

I'm leaving. Goodbye. You're all hot. Love ya.



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19 Mar 08
[] I am shorter than 5'4. (I'm like 4 inches taller :D)
[x] I think I'm ugly sometimes.
20 Feb 08
OK. So I had a panic attack in the middle of Tech class.
That's pretty bad D:
The kids sitting...

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NoodleSama 24 Apr 08  
>.< I dun really know if I'll get to do any of that, now. ;_;
I have to go to SUMMER SCHOOL. D:
And it takes up like, two out of three of my summer months!
It's like... Fuck!
D: I wouldn't let you get hurt here. x3 
Webster is generally safe, if you know where to go and who and where to stay
away from and stuff. 
If you don't, keep someone who does with you~ Like me. I've lived here all my
life, I know the place inside and out. 8D
BeatBoxBethh 24 Apr 08  
Hey Cammers!
Havent talked to you in forever! (:
whats up?
CamilleFRANTIC 2 Jun 08  
Hi! Sorry I haven't been on. >.<

I've decided to quit. 
But you can have my e-mail for certain.
How was Austin? 
NoodleSama 17 Apr 08  
D00d, No. >.> No bikinis. D8 Never ever ever ever ever. No way. >.<
I knoww. I need to go back to Austin this Summer! :D

You should come visit me on my birthday! OMIGOD~
You can come to my costume party and see me as cheshire cat~
And then it's like... You can camp with Erin, Emma, and me in either my back
yard or by the creek!
And we can roll around in mud and then run out and scare the gangsters that hang
out there by acting like natives and yelling "WOOGITY WOOGITY WOOGITY." And then
we can make boom box sounds. 8D
You need to get here before June 12th, before I go to camp~ Omigod. >w<
You must come, I'd be so happy! :D
CamilleFRANTIC 24 Apr 08  

I want to, but no mud v.v
Mud is out of the question. It gets you....muddy D:
I love dressing up :]
I'll be Alice from wonderland, so again WE MATCH :D
but that's only if I come .__.
Chances aer mummeh will be cruel and say "NO YOU LEIK DIE OR SOMETHING SORRY."
Orrr, she'll have to come wiff me D:
then, you'd have to manage yer language, young lady. D< 
Mum is not impressed by potty moufs.

Camp? Without me? D:
NoodleSama 4 Apr 08  
Omygod yes Barton Springs. >w< YEY. I swam in Camille-ified water! x3 In my new
swim suit and hand-me-down swim trunks. :D I have to wear swim trunks over my
swim suit. D: Otherwise I feel... Exposed. Dx

I didn't go to Mothers cafe, but I went to that one organic grocery store and
got a tempuh (I think that's what it's called. D Taco and ginger and tomato
soup. :D It was damn good. 

I'll take you to the St. Louis Mills Center! 8D They have great stores, a
bowling alley, an indoor skate park, a huge arcade, a movie theatre, a go cart
track, and food. Oh, the food. >3< I would take you to the Chrestwood mall,
where I usually shop, but they're tearing it down and rebuilding it or
something. I don't really know, actually. D8 And the Galleria has this retarded
3:00 rule. You have to go before three o clock if you're sixteen or under or
else they'll kick you out. D8

I have all four guitar heroes. 1-3 and rocks the 80's. 8D And my brother has a
wii and lets me play it, I'm just bad at it. OMGFTW. I'll get a new guitar hero
controller and you can play with meee. >w< Or I could get another normal
controller and we can play Ratchet and Clank. Clank is so cute! x3
CamilleFRANTIC 17 Apr 08  
Exposed? I'll be sure to get you a bikini 
I wanna go :D
wtff what kind of rule is that? There are no lame rules like that in Austin ;]
I want the guitar heroesss.
I only have one guitar >.<
NoodleSama 4 Apr 08  
Uhmm... >.< I went to the Museum and saw a 3D movie in the IMAX theatre, Went
to the capital, that one natural spring swimming pool place in that one park,
uhh... lots of restaraunts, and I've allready forgotten the rest. xD -stupid-

OMYGAWD. It would be so amazing for you to come to Missouri. 8D But, it's far
from as interesting as Austin. It's really boring here. There are good malls,
though. Shoppingshoppingshopping. x3

My mum is kinda like that, too. Not so much dad. You have to like, kick him in
the shin just to get him to give you ten bucks. D:
CamilleFRANTIC 4 Apr 08  
My God. If you mean Barton Springs then I've been there, swam there all last
summer 8D
&& the IMAX I've been to countless times. Though it's been a few months...
You will diee if you didn't go to Mother's Cafe. Some hobo set it on fire last
year && it just got re-done in October. :D
Most fantastic. Vegan/Vegetarian place EVER.

SHOPPING :D But you'd have to be my Claire shield because there's always hot
guys at  my mall I must hide from u__u

George is tight with moneh too. Today's his fucking birthday. Mum bought him the
combo package guitar hero and a new wii game x3
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