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My Photoshop Art

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I've created this so whever some sees it they can say punch bugee to punch someone. ; )

This is something that I created because it reminded me of the Terminater.

When i was creating this, I was expirimenting with color.

I did this because this seemed like it was going to burst out of my screen. It had a realistic touch to it.

Photo Sharing and Video
Hosting at Photobucket

This was one of the first things i have created in Photoshop.

This is the first thing I created. Then later on I had learned to change colors, so I made two. (The green one is the
original one, the red one is the copy I changed colors with.

I call this the Green Gloop.

I don't know what to call it, but it sets a mood.

I don't no how i made this, but I know I used the Hue Saturation and the Gradient tool.

A red head pixel doll. I sometimes don't have the time to make pixel dolls.




There's a dark and a light side to everybody.  

My site AD 

This is another one of beautiful patterns I make by mistake. 

I just wanted to draw Spiderman. 

This is a picture I sent my friend from school, in pokemon crater. It has my pokemon crater username on it. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, STEVE URKEL!! 

From preppy to gothic.

Cute kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Betty Boop!!!!

Buttercup, Anime style, Glitterfied!!!!! 


This is a glitter picture of my favorite pokemon creature.

My second favorite Sailor member from Salor Mars.

I baked a giant cookie on photoshop. 

I was testing with text and the animation box.

VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!

SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!! :D

Animated Flames.

This is me and my hair flowing in the wind.

A request from Ciel Kitty

A good Quote from the film "Ghost Rider"

This was my first creation when i started using a this hair technique.

Stop animal cruelty, spread the word. Make a difference.
Dedicated to all the hurt dogs out there. Idea by Ruby1012 

This is my newest ad.

Make a request for your name to be in bling. Name color of diamond you want. Name the color of the Stroke outline you want. And or course, tell me your name! Sincerely, Monica Martinez
This is a request from cutecutecuteeebashora.
What I use to make these graphics.
Gateway Tablet PC Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Adobe Photoshop CS2
Be a sponsor of my site and get a free glitter graphic. Tell me what picture you want to make a glitter picture and I will send you the url link to the graphic.
For Ruby1012 For POKYMON1012
This is a request from Shimmer This is my Avatar.
I also take requests so start commenting now! Luv you all!!!! Sincerely, Monica Chibi101
Here's yours Lauren.

Here's yours Julia.

Here's your Lilly

Here's yours Momo.
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mo_mo says:   9 August 2007   146285  
colors:topaz and red
lauren1 says:   9 August 2007   695169  
name: lauren
color: white and sparkly!
RacingGurl32 says:   10 August 2007   455712  
can you please do me 

color:light green and dark green
RacingGurl32 says:   10 August 2007   727195  
omg i love mine
mo_mo asks:   10 August 2007   889987  
can you draw my avatar please? thanks.
girl101 says:   13 August 2007   768259  
pole_dancer39 says:   13 August 2007   977335  
will you make me one for my boyfriend and me were amarican skinny both 5 feet and
were always holding hands at the school play ground  his name is Curtis mine is
Ashley if you cant i understand but if you do send to "
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   3 September 2007   514264  
how did u get that scroll box???
Kari8899 says :   3 September 2007   387835  
whoa!!!! cool page
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