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"Blue Shore Beach" ZAP! Chapter One

~ " Honey! Isn't it timee to go to school" My mom yells as she is puuling my out of bed. " No MOM! It is time to go to
at he top of is lungs. " Oh not again!" My mom runs out of my room nearly breaking my dog Coco's lig.

                                     ~As I gulp my TRIX cereal I feel some kind of vibration. Looking around I see if
anyone is near me. Then when I look down to frown at Coco a flash of green and a hint of Pink powder erupted in my face.
" Ummmmm WHO are you?" I stutter, afraid I am being punked. "Oh you don't know me! Tap that bowl of Loafers twice and
say 'Info Now!' " A mysteriously perky woman said. " First of all.... They are called TRIX! And second of all you didn't
answer my question!" I squeak. " Do what I tell you!!!" The Pink dope started to fume. "Okay, Okay! Take a chill pill!"
I answer. Tapping the bowl twice, suddenly apears a long scroll containing a liscence naming some Bing Chick named '
Courtney Beale'.
                                     ~" Good job! Oh what are chill pills?"  The Pink Dope asked. " Just a figurer of
speech. " I answer looking at my finger and reading the scroll at the same time. " So... What is a ' Half Certified
Immortal with a Sense not applied well' mean?" I ask the Dope. "Well..." She starts to say. " It means that I am a
certified witch, But I have a tendacy tobe abnormal and make foolish mistakes." She starts to pace my kitchen. " WITCH!
your a WITCH!? You are this COURTNEY girl?!!" I yell in confusement.

~ Gonna finish later
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