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Things you should know about me

Hi People! I'm making my pages so you can learn more about. ^-^ On this page I'm going to add only information about me, but I'll two more pages; one for links and the other for quizzes. Later on I might some pages, but I doubt it. Now, on to the information about me!! Personality: I'm really a dark person, who can make anybody laugh. Weird right? I'm also a loner, and I've been labled as goth and emo. I may seem preppy sometimes, but trust I'm not. A lot of my friends are preps though...and jocks and emos and goths and nerds and geeks and I think yuo get the point. I have a very good sense of humor, except when it come to blonde jokes; I can be a bitch when it comes to those. I am a blonde, so I do have my blonde moments as everybody says, so beware. I may have moments of severe stupidty. Do you see how preppy I can sound? I'm a lot smarter than my friends or family seem to think, just not in the educational way. I often wear a mask around my friends, especially as of late. I use to trust everybody so easily, but not anymore. I don't even like myself online, too many know my Myspace and things to be able. That's why I joined this site, to really be myself. I'm warning, being myself means being depressed, scared, weak emotionally, and telling you guys everything. Fears: Hieghts, Being the center of attention, Being ignored (( I know they clash )), Scorpions, Being betrayed, Being hurt, Never being loved, Getting close to someone (( I know another clash )) Likes: People who can make me laugh, Wolves, Foxes, Yaoi (( Yes, I not ashamed )), Anime, Music, Movies, Video Games, RPGs, Puzzles, Guys Dilikes: Smoking of any kind, My bilogial father, My ex-step-father, Cops, Mushrooms, Beans, Fish somewhat Relationships: Friends - Just people to make me laugh and let me talk Boyfriends - Someone who will listen to what I say, Loyal, Kind, Hold me when I ask, Love/Like me for who I am, funny, Won't go stpuid on me, and Cheer me when I'm sad Hobbies: Reading, Writting, Drawing, Singing, Playing video games and RPGs, Chatting online, Looking up random things on the internet (( I really do this as a hobbie )) Daydreaming, Staring off into space, Puzzles, Quizzes Skills/Abillites: Gambling and Drinking (( Somehow I'm amazing good at these and I don't know why )), Writting, Singing, RPGs of any kind, Reading fast, Being a smart-ass, Playing brass instruments, Sneaking around, Keeping my feeling on the inside, Lying Music: There are too many to list here really. Just message me if you really want to know. Movies: There are too many to list here really. Just message me if you really want to know. Books: I've read too many boks to remember them all but some of them are Harry Potter, If I Have A Wicked Step-Mother, Where's My Prince? (( Damn it, that's a long title )), The Two Princess of Bamarre, the Orca Soundings books Anime: Bleach, Naruto, Gravitation, Sukishyo (( I think that's how you spell it )), Yu Yu Hakusho, Digimon (( Only the 4th season )), Air TV, D.N.Angel, Blood Trinity, Inuyasha, FullMetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, Kyo Kara Maou, Many other animes, and Most of the Anime Movies Yaoi Couples: I'm just kidding you guys. Although I like yaoi, I won't put the couples I like on here. If you want to know just message me. Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Crash Berby games, Pokemon (( I don't even know why )), Most RPGs.......I can't remember them all. Links: Come check out some links of mine - Quizzes: Quizzes I've taken and you can take -
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  Broken_Darkness — Page created: 3 February 2007
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candyfloss27 says :   3 February 2007   586789  
Cool profile. Can you participate in my mag? Thanks heaps.

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