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Ok so I wrote this paper today for school, a first draft, ya it needs a whole lot of cleaning up but I wanted to post it. Please do not steal my writing, for it is mine, it came from my soul and I worked hard to share it. MUSIC To find a world were you could get lost in something beautiful, to relate, to explain things, and give emotions of many different kinds. Well, to some people that's perfect, others can't hear it, and others can't help the fact that they will never be able to hear it's sweet velvety softness. But, for those who can they practically worship it and wouldn't be able to live without it. That is how I am and it is music. Many people act as if it is just noise put onto the earth, or made to entertain. For me it's like pure gold, if it didn't exist I would travel to the end of the universe just to find it. It's sweet voice calls to me as the fresh wild honey to no more sweet. It wisps me up into a world of rhythmic beats like the swaying of ocean waves. It, as when life has it's raging storms on the coast, it will call out through the rain to calm the storm in me and everything else doesn't seem to matter as long as it's comforting me. I can always rely on it to take the pain away even if for only a few minutes, it is all I need and I am back on my feet. But, everyone will have their own opinion of what the artist is trying to say. Some will cry, some will laugh, and some will see the light of a new world in only those few moments. Music will never die and the lyrics will be imprinted on our hearts forever to carry with us on this long journey, called life. A song could be stuck in your head all day and driving you crazy but because it means something. Music is a form of communication. It helps some find a way to express themselves as the rest of the world goes on cold with closed doors.And think to all of the beautiful souls who have the power to share it with the world, to keep it living! So why question it? We should be grateful that we can hear it's intensity when others have to face the cold, hard truth of never being able to hear it. It's one of the most amazing gifts that we will be able to receive. As I am witting this so many different lyrics come to mind because they are all so beautiful trying to help me describe words that life could not portray. "Well, why don't you push it out of your head?", your ask. Well, the answer is, I will never be able to do such a horrible thing because the music is alive within me. I will not dare put out the flame that keeps me warm, for it's sweet message will live on and on for eternity's sake! But this writing will never be able to get close to describing how much I am in love with music, for it's indescribable feeling to show it's beauty. For these are just words on a page . But these words are able to flow free, for the beauty of music is understood by me! - Brittney
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