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Things I want to do before I die

2.Perform in a band 3.See McFLY perform live 4.Eat a loaf of bread in one sitting 5.Have sex with someone 6.Write a novel 7.Write a manga book 8.Have children :D 9.Make Luke wear a dress 10.Write a good song 11.Get drunk 12.Learn to ollie 13.Learn to drive 14.Go to Japan 15.Go to Norway 16.Create my own motto 17.Donate blood 18.Play strip poker 19.Touch the queen 20.Kiss someone on the lips 21.Cosplay as L 22.Have pet rats 23.Get higher GCSE grades than Luke 24.Speak fluent Japanese (nihongo :3) 26.Cosplay as Count D 27.Cosplay as Lelouche Lamperouge 28.Figure out what career I want 29.Hug Yuya Tegoshi :3 30.Hug all of NEWS :D 31.See NEWS in concert 32.Meet Lucy :D (I goddamn love you dewd) 33.Do the fiction thingy I have been planning 34.Move out of Norfolk 35.Befriend a guy at my school called Harry Li 36.Be able to play Turkish March by Beethoven as well as Evgeny Kissin does 37.Get Daniel a boyfriend 38.Win NaNoWriMo 39.Witness a magpie funeral 40.See the northern lights 41.Sky dive 42.Bungee jump 43.Tell Shige how cool he is 44.Meet Janet/Kirti :3
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Grace_Zeigler says:   17 May 2009   199768  
Makeout in a graveyard? XD rofl awesome... 
o.O poke the queen... lol.
danii12 says:   20 May 2009   271258  
27. Is the best :3 I robbed my sisters piggy bank for practice ;D :L
BooRadley says:   21 May 2009   264454  
:O Badass
‹•Heyoooooo•› says:   17 June 2009   342487  
Cosplay as lelouch lamperouge!? OH GOD I LOVE YOU! I wanna cosplay as C~2 though.
Bobbi333 says:   22 July 2009   761357  
‹мιℓo⇨мιss⇨мυя∂εя› says:   6 August 2009   431888  

BooRadley says:   29 August 2009   836236  
Okay then :D
SuperTechDude says:   10 September 2009   329375  
where's .1?
BooRadley says:   10 September 2009   454496  
>_> I erased it
Bootheghost says:   10 September 2009   317268  
I approve of number 32. <3
‹cut_up_and_scattered_around› says:   8 October 2009   655188  
we're similar in 7.
so wat's no.1?
SuperTechDude says :   29 October 2009   323583  

I'mma seeing what this is. 

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