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to be goth

Its not just the clothes or the music that make you goth most people think thats it but to be honest its not Its got to be apart of you as well serious pain must be inflicted in your past that makes you feel like you hate everyone and that you want to dig a hole lie in it and die!,have been there and was lucky enough to meet a wonderful but strange girl who turned me into what i am today,goth, she of corse is Emo goth and yes there is such a thing trust me,(true story) so one day I was bullyed to an extent and had a nervious break down so much so I was off my rocker the day after I was at my granpairents house they had a box full of old toys and wouldnt you know it there was a doll head that looked just like the bitch that brought me down and reminding you I was getting a little crasy so it gets weird, i found a jar full of pins so i go into my Aunts old bedroom and bite the heat off the doll and start sticking the pins into it,(heres my big mistake,learn from me)Infact I tured the head into a key ring (not a good Idea) my friends thought It was great! and they striaght away knew who it was of corse so did the girl so she broaght the spot light onto herself and starts asking Is that of me?! are you trying to kill me?! Blah blah blah! *sigh* anyways it gets worse,and just so happens I had tree classes with her and it was a small school so It got around fast and the story got a little messed up every single time the fact there was email and facebook and shit like that didnt help I forced to suffer for over 3 years I had enough the last year so I left to do florestry And you wouldn't beleave what happend to The bitch heh heh she got prego! to a 23 year old she was 15 years old it Ruined her Reputation and she left school who ever said that there is no such thing as carma and a condom was wrong I felt so happy when i herd the news releaved of this big deppressing waight on my shoulders of corse the bullying didn't stop there where many more eger to take her place and I hope they all die horrably! the deppresion always stayed but never braught me down I was happy being goth It fitted with how I am, now you know why I am what I am and I will not answer any really stupid questions.
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  ‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› — Page created: 6 November 2011
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pink25 says:   7 November 2011   185950  
You must like vampyres. I do too.
‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› says:   7 November 2011   452305  
yes the whole vampiric look goes with goth. 
pink25 says:   15 January 2012   168761  
o i never knew that
‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› says:   15 January 2012   603824  
now you know and knowing is growing 
‹--tell×me×why--› says:   7 March 2012   580156  
kicking ass, Chuck Norris style.
‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› says:   7 March 2012   984231  
lol WTF?! 
‹--tell×me×why--› says:   8 March 2012   609741  
XD lmao 
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   19 April 2013   848645  
no one can fathom the extent of your mental issues
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   30 April 2013   367815  

mental issues? what, do you always have a stick up your ass or did you insert it just

seriously, just because you hate yourself and want to be all cool and shit, don't
insult other people unless you know them? 
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   30 April 2013   127932  

go fuck a pinecone 
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   30 April 2013   549638  
Give me some pointers, you dried up skank 
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   30 April 2013   841350  

no problem, I've seen it done many times.

first you need to go into a forest where pine trees are common. 

walk around until you find a pinecone on the ground, or pick one off a tree.

check it and double check it to make sure there are no bugs on it. 

then pull down your pants/skirt/shorts and fuck yourself with the pinecone

be careful, because pinecones fall in love easily, and they don't appreciate

use protection. if you get pregnant, get ready for some off looks from strangers when
you give birth to a human pine tree. 
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   1 May 2013   795103  

Oh, so you admit it that have done it before? Tsk Tsk, wow, you new-age girls really
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   1 May 2013   935257  
Sorry if I offended you, but I have been protecting this beautiful young woman since
we were kids and I don't take too kindly to self-righteous little sluts who try and
tear down someone who is better than them just so they can get a little ping in their
idiot brains. 

If I offend anyone, I just don't care. But Kaitlyn is one of my SISTERS and if anyone
tries to hurt her, I will make sure they don't want to see the sun rise!!!

I love you darling!
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   1 May 2013   687321  

there is literally nothing you can say that will offend me in any way

I'm not trying to offend you either, I'm just bored as fuck, 

and you seem ignorant 
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   1 May 2013   423481  
No, I'm not the ignorant one 
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   1 May 2013   588004  

The content of this page plainly says otherwise. 
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says :   6 May 2013   331482  
I am looking out for one of my closest friends
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