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Harr Potter Quiz

1.	You are dying to get to hogwarts because of:
a)	to learn!
b)	To meet new friends!
c)	To bully!
d)	To demonstrate your courage

2.	You want to be on your house quidditch team! What position?  Why?
a)	any, as long as I’m Captain.  I want to boss my servants I mean teammates (snicker) around
b)	a Beater.  I want to go and save those bludgers from ruining glory and fame when I emerge from this task or perish in
the attempt.
c)	I don’t want to be on the quidditch team.  I’d rather play with my friends or watch the match with my friends.
d)	I would prefer to announce.  I would have to practice and study, and memorize all the players names!  It would be
difficult and challenging!

3.	Your O.W.L. s are coming up!  What do you spend all your time doing?
a)	revising and studying!  I want to get twelve ‘O’s!
b)	walking around and helping my friends if they are struggling.  I want to help my friends pass!
c)	Walking around and correcting mistakes.  I LOVE making other people look dumb.
d)	Work on it when you can, but have other priorities, like finding out what secret Hagrid is keeping from you…

4.            Do you think any houses are lower than others?
a)            no!  how dare you ask!
b)            only the wuss ones
c)            most, ya
d)            those who fear intellect!

comment using this form, and I shall tell you your results.
"HP House?
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  Bibbles — Page created: 11 March 2007
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cookiepoo2 says:   11 March 2007   567942  
idk these
Bibbles says:   11 March 2007   767691  
huh?  what about them?
Bibbles says:   11 March 2007   349567  
actually, it really seems that if all the answers represent hufflepuff sya, you
still might get slytherin
‹Lele-Boo› says:   11 March 2007   291612  
Harr Potter Quiz


2. D
4. C
Bibbles says :   11 March 2007   832293  
with eight points, twisterlee is a 

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