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The Best Clubs Advertising ~ The Most Awesome Clubs, Now from EVERYWHERE!

For the backround picture, some awesome blogging, and more, visit my tumblr,! I will be happy to see you :D Also, pleaes click my dragon cave eggs ~ IMPORTANT STUFF!!! This is an announcement! For a limited time you may also put in sites! You can also do ones for pages on things like Dragon Cave, GPX+, any adoptable site!!! So now you can hit two birds with ONE stone!!! WELCOME! Hello everybody! You may be familiar with my other page, "The Best Clubs ~ Awesome Clubs I've Been In", which is non-commercial - it's strictly clubs I've been in, da? I thought that some people may be slightly angry that just because that I've not been in it, their club is not in the "best clubs" ~ This is the advertising edition! The advertising edition is one where people can post awesome clubs that they are in or own! There are some rules on this one though, so bear with me here. Rules~ 1. I will advertise any kind of club, excluding porn/cyber clubs (so PLEASE DON'T ASK~) 2. You may submit as many as you'd like 3. You must fill out the form. No saying 'blahblahblah is an awesome club, I love the founder, derpderpderpina, you should put it up!' 4. You may submit ones already in "TheBestClubs", if they are in both there's a higher chance - I will only be submitting my Hetalia one so the rest of them are at your discretion. 5. If you are rude to me about it, I will not add the club that you are requesting. 6. I will not be threatened, after all, the standards are pretty low and if you don't fulfill them that's your fault! 7. If you like a club already being advertised, re-submit it! It won't hurt any one and all it does is reinforce how awesome it is!!!! Actually, I encourage you to do so!!! Submitting your club Alright, now, I am going to copy this directly from the other one on what marks activity and such, that kind of thing.
Standards What I mean by standards is what these things are graded by, although I don't have a 1-10 on awesomeness yet, here's a basic walk through of how I do it. Emblem: Right here is where I put the emblem. Some of them have generic ones, but besides the fact that in some cases emblems are extremely relevant to the club, it's also a way of seeing if you've got the right thing, or maybe if its' been changed. Name: Of course the name is important! I could go on and on describing the thing, but you have to have a name to even give you the clearest of ideas. Link: Especially if it needs members, the link is very important so you can see what the club is really about, what the flavour text is , and if its public, you can peep in on the awesome roleplay and/or discussion of the club! Owner: The owner may only be mildly important, but maybe you have a question or something, or just want to talk to them, or share an interest! Therefore, you need their username. #members: This is how I judge how it could use more. 1-3: Could DEFINITELY use more. 4-7: Needs more 7-11: Could use more 11-20: Kind of needs more 21+: Even if it has enough members, it will always need more C: Activity: Dead - It's been more than a month since anything has been posted Somewhat dead - It's been at least a week since anything has been posted In the middle - There has been a post in less than a week Mildly Active - There has been a post in less than a week, there are many posts that took longer but are still there and can be answered. Somewhat Active - There are quite a few posts in less than a week, but they may not all be within a day or so Active - A lot of psots in less than a week, many members posting, and there has probably been a post within a day. Still in it? : This provides whether or not I'm in it, to tell you whether or not my description is completely accurate - after all, if I'm no longer in a club, I may not be able to speak for it! Discussion: This tells you whether you can take a peek in on the awesomeness of the club, or if its private and you have to join to quench your burning curiousity. Description: Note that this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL DESCRIPTION OF THE CLUB! it is my opinion of the club and a short thing to tell you what it is about.
So this is what you need to fill out Emblem: Name: Link: Owner: #members: Activity: Discussion: Description: Why you want to submit the club: This is the temporary one (for websites/adoptable pages) Name: Link: Site or Page: Activity: Description (make it a little in detail please~~): Pending Clubs Clubs being advertised Submitted by BeautifulLikeRoses Name: Hetalia Fan Club Link: Owner: BeautifulLikeRoses #members: 6 (needs more) Activity: Somewhat Active Discussion: Private Description: I really like this club, it contains two of my favorite things, hetalia and roleplaying. You can also claim characters as well as having your own personification (I'm Belarus - RAWR!), and then besides that, you get to pick roleplay characters that are either OC or CC, and then enjoy the roleplay. But it doesn't stop at that, because, well, I know not every one is a huge fan of roleplaying. Although right now there are only pictures, we hope to have an entire topic for fan art, fan fiction, a discussion, and of course, more! Join only if you are a fan of Hetalia, big or small! Some Final Notes, Questions, Suggestions, and (worthwhile) comments) Note that if it is not submitted by me the critique and thoughts are not done by me! Also, anything with the words GenericUsername in it is a generated question, and DID NOT COME from a real person. You may ask questions anonymously be message as well! AnonymousUser is a user that had a question or suggestion but didn't want anyone to know it was them, or just wanted to stick to the shadows. Questions: GenericUsername: I know of a really nice club, it's a good roleplay and it really needs more members IMO, but "cybering" isn't allowed, and that kind of stuff is in it. Does this mean I won't be able to advertise it? BeautifulLikeRoses: By cybering I mean clubs that REVOLVE around cyber/sex/porn, that kind of thing. If it's just a club that has sex in it, I don't mind, after all, it is allowed in most roleplays now-a-days. GenericUsernameWHOPEEDOOHDAH: Hey, bitch, why didn't you add my club? I filled out the form, it made the fucking standards, yet I don't see it up there! BeautifulLikeRoses: In all honesty, unless you were rude, I probably unconciously skipped over it or forgot about it, but now I'm not going to add it either way, since your being so rude about it. Next time why not just say "Did you forget to add my club?" or something. Suggestions: AnonymousUser1: Hey, I think you should make ones from the other page available for advertising! It would be a good idea and a way for those clubs to get more members! I really love this page and alot of the clubs I've joined either came from the ones that you worked on or this one! I can't wait for more! BeautifulLikeRoses: Your right, and I just added that in now! And thank you very much, you make me blush, I'm glad someone likes my pages so much. <3 1////.////1 WorthWhile Comments (Comments that praise, critique constructively, or help the cause!) (this is a quote from suggestions!) "Hey, I think you should make ones from the other page available for advertising! It would be a good idea and a way for those clubs to get more members! I really love this page and a lot of the clubs I've joined either came from the ones that you worked on or this one! I can't wait for more!" ~ AnonymousUser1 FAN LETTERS! :D :D :D :D Okay, so unfortunately anyone that's sent anything is anonymous, but my heart just melted into a puddle of goo after I read this.
Hi, BeautifulLikeRoses ~ :D I know this is a little weird since there are only a few choices and these pages are very new, but I thought that I'd tell you how much I love them! Even if I don't want to join all of them due to interests, I think you make the most wonderful descriptions, and it was extremely nice of you to make the Advertising page so now I can see the most awesome clubs from everyones point of view! speaking of which, you should make it so a club can be submitted multiple times! That way, the awesomeness would be reinforced!!! As well as a fan letter section, just so people can see this, maybe, but if they do, I wouldn't like them to see my username >.< (I'm a bit shy). Also, I want to be best friends with you, and I hope we can be ^w^ Sincerely, AnonymousUsername2
OHMYFUCKINGODIHAVEAFAN!!! *runs around in circles happily*
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