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The Best Clubs ~ Awesome Clubs I've Been In

I'm going to take advantage of the extreme popularity of this page and advertise my tumblr. Yes, the awesome tumblr I'm linking you to is MY OWN! Please note before reading that I am no longer in a couple of these clubs and therefore cannot speak for the current activity and fun stuff going on in them. I also don't wish to offend anyone so if my critique makes you angry, I'm sorry, and I'll take it off. Also, this isn't an advertising page, so no, I'm not going to insert some stuff about your club unless I've been in it. If I've missed one, just tell me, I'm trying to get them all, my usernames are BeautifulLikeRoses and SoftLikeSilk, so this is one for both of them! I hope you enjoy, and honestly, a lot of these ARE really awesome clubs! for more info on the info, check STANDARDS. It should be beneath the "beautifullikeroses" clubs. NOTE THAT THIS IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I AM IN NO WAY FINISHED, BECAUSE THAT I AM AT MY MAX CLUB LIMIT AND THERE ARE ONLY FOUR HERE! BeautifulLikeRoses Name: Hetalia Fan Club Link: Owner: BeautifulLikeRoses #members: 6 (needs more) Activity: Active Still In it?: Yes. Discussion: Private Description (my critique): I really like this club, it contains two of my favorite things, hetalia and roleplaying. You can also claim characters as well as having your own personification (I'm Belarus - RAWR!), and then besides that, you get to pick roleplay characters that are either OC or CC, and then enjoy the roleplay. But it doesn't stop at that, because, well, I know not every one is a huge fan of roleplaying. Although right now there are only pictures, we hope to have an entire topic for fan art, fan fiction, a discussion, and of course, more! Join only if you are a fan of Hetalia, big or small! Name: Vocaloidness Link: Owner: ‹20%coolerthanU› #members: 6 (needs more) Activity: Somewhat Dead (But ready to be revived!!!) - 8 days from being dead ~ please revive this club!!! Still in it?: Yes. Discussion: Private Description: This club was remodeled from another club, hence it's weird name text, but the new club is probably a very dramatic improvement from whatever was before. This is a club for all of you WONDERFUL Vocaloid fans to drool over music, roleplay, post pictures, and of course look at the personalized pages of the singers (though I never finished them so there are only a few.. e_e). It was a wonderful club in its day, and I bet that if it could get rebooted everyone would love it and it would be one of the more active clubs in kupika!!! :D Name: Ealeo Link: Owner: Siatwin #members: 10 (could use more) Activity: Somewhat Dead (Again, nice people, good roleplay, ready to be revived!!!) ~ 14 days from being dead ~ please revive this club!!! Still in it? Yes Discussion: Public Description: This is actually a really nice club. I have no idea how or why it was let go like that, its nice roleplay, good rules, and all of the people here are really nice, usually~ It's a really nice club, and it also has a good plot text and good roleplay, so...COME ON DOWN~ Name: REVAMPING Link: Owner: Siatwin #members: 2 - could DEFINITELY use more. Activity: Mildly Active ~ No danger of being dead yet though Still in it?: Yes Discussion: Public Description: This was, in its day, a very nice club. It's purely simple, very clear cut, what you do is your claim an existing black/white character, or create your own, and then go off and roleplay, that is all it takes. It may not be the most advanced of them all, but I also enjoyed the roleplay, and if you like pokemon, I'm sure you'll love it as well. Name: Beyond Life - The Darkness that Lurks within Link: Owner: BeautifulLikeRoses #members: 8 - Could use more Activity: Somewhat Dead ~ 12 days away from being dead! Please help revive this club! Still in it?: Yes Discussion: Public w/ Guest Posting Description: This is actually a really nice concept, and it's a rotting shame that it couldn't properly start. If you click on the link you'll see plans for an awesome storyline, good roleplay, nice people, and wonderful characters. I'm going to make all of the kingdoms and stuff to boost its status to active, roleplay, and do everything I can, but sometimes things need a little help even if they are awesome. Enjoy a wonderful fantasy-based roleplay with kingdoms and such, it is a nice club all in all. Name: Underside Link: Owner: SecretlySawyer #members: 8 - could use more Activity: SOMEWHAT dead but not yet in danger of being dead. Still in it?: Yes Discussion: Public Description: I like the idea of the club, there is a nice plot going on, and the inner plot is full of drama and pretty cool, lots of kingdoms ready to have royalty, and a warm welcome to those who would join it. Name: Alagaesia Link: Owner: ‹20%coolerthanU› #members: 4 - Needs more Activity: Just at the edge of somewhat dead (meaning, its closer to Mildly active!) Still in it?: Yes Discussion: Public Description: This is a wonderful club, it's based on the books Eragon but even if you haven't read them the founder and her trusted mod are eager to help and answer any questions you may have about the franchise, the roleplay, anything. I really enjoy the roleplay here, and have made a few characters and all of them are roleplayed with that I've been able to introduce, which means it's a welcoming environment. Join for lots of dragon (or no dragon, ou don't have to be a rider!) fun, good roleplay, and wonderful friends. Standards What I mean by standards is what these things are graded by, although I don't have a 1-10 on awesomeness yet, here's a basic walk through of how I do it.
Emblem: Right here is where I put the emblem. Some of them have generic ones, but besides the fact that in some cases emblems are extremely relevant to the club, it's also a way of seeing if you've got the right thing, or maybe if its' been changed. Name: Of course the name is important! I could go on and on describing the thing, but you have to have a name to even give you the clearest of ideas. Link: Especially if it needs members, the link is very important so you can see what the club is really about, what the flavour text is , and if its public, you can peep in on the awesome roleplay and/or discussion of the club! Owner: The owner may only be mildly important, but maybe you have a question or something, or just want to talk to them, or share an interest! Therefore, you need their username. #members: This is how I judge how it could use more. 1-3: Could DEFINITELY use more. 4-7: Needs more 7-11: Could use more 11-20: Kind of needs more 21+: Even if it has enough members, it will always need more C: Activity: Dead - It's been more than a month since anything has been posted Somewhat dead - It's been at least a week since anything has been posted In the middle - There has been a post in less than a week Mildly Active - There has been a post in less than a week, there are many posts that took longer but are still there and can be answered. Somewhat Active - There are quite a few posts in less than a week, but they may not all be within a day or so Active - A lot of psots in less than a week, many members posting, and there has probably been a post within a day. Still in it? : This provides whether or not I'm in it, to tell you whether or not my description is completely accurate - after all, if I'm no longer in a club, I may not be able to speak for it! Discussion: This tells you whether you can take a peek in on the awesomeness of the club, or if its private and you have to join to quench your burning curiousity. Description: Note that this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL DESCRIPTION OF THE CLUB! it is my opinion of the club and a short thing to tell you what it is about.
Questions, Worthwhile comments, Suggestions, and FAN LETTERS~ Questions GenericFY: HAI~ Could you please put this club (LINK) on here? THANKYOUVERYMUCH! BLR : NO! Thatgoes in the TBC ADVERTISING! Suggestions Comments Fan Letters (becuz - we actually got one :D
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DreamEatingMonochrome says :   2 March 2012   769718  
I wish that people would be active in clubs ; ( 

 : ) aww yeah cant wait to see more

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