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& Your The One That Makes Me Smile Chapter One.x

Chapter One New. Sunshine flooded the room with it's bright rays. I rolled over facing the window. I had to squint my eyes shut in order to escap the brightness. New York, was all I thought "No, I dont wanna get up," I whispered to myself as I rolled over to face my little alarm clock. 7:24 am. Prefect I thought. I hit the off button on the alarm and dragged myself out of bed and toward my personal bathroom that my parents rennovated for me on my sixteenth birthday. I didn't mind it on those few days during the month when I wanted privacy. But I really would rather have time to joke around with my parents again. It was kinda like our family game night. Only it was usually in morning and it was just the bathroom...But you know it was fun. "Hannah!" My mom yelled from downstairs,"Are you up yet?!" "Yeah Mom! I'm up!" I shouted back. Well now that is over with. I walked over to my ipod speakers and turned it on. Full blast I was listening to my favourite song, "Wish We Were Older By Metro Station." Dancing around in my room trying to get ready. Same routine as always. I let my brown hair fall to my shoulders and put a headband in. I put on my fave pair of black skinny jeans with my red v-neck sweater with a white tank top underneath it. I looked at my clock. 7:59 am! Oh No! I ran downstairs threw my boots on and ran out of my house and down the street to my bus it was just loading the last person there when I got there. Phew I didn't miss the bus again. I took my usual seat at the back with my best friend Seth. He was a really cutie. Brown hair that went to about his ears with waves, With brown eyes. He was so adorable. To bad he was gay though. I totally go out with him. Yes Seth is Gay. But he very proud, to be gay. He told me when we were in seventh grade. He than let the whole school know in grade nine. Everyone loved Seth than and they still do now. "Hey Seth!" I exclaimed and sat beside him. "Hey Han!" He gave me a hug, " So what you doing this weekend?" "Hmm... the usual stay at home and do nothing why?" "Well maybe if you wanted to you, maybe wanna go to a party?" "Seth you know how I don't do parties." I said look of concern on my face. "Oh Hannah. The party is at my house." He said, he raised his hand sliencing me before I could talk, "If you don't wanna drink or anything that's fine, And if ayone pulls a move on you I'll be there to protect you and so will Sam." Sam was Seth's boyfriend.Sam was a little heavy as in muscular and he had really light brown hair and he looked like he belonged on an episode of baywatch or something. All and all they made a cute couple. They didn't show affection in public just so that they could be treated fairly from everyone. But they did make a cute couple. "Okay... Well let me think about it I'll let you know tomorrow for it's only thursday." "Okayy. i'll wait." As we rode to school wetalked about the weekend and he gave me the details and gave me a story to tell my parents if i decided to go. See my parentslove Seth and they know he is a homosexual so they let me sleepover there. I told him I would think about it. "Okay, there is no pressure Han. If you don't wanna go then you don't have to go. All the kids in our grade will be there so I understand if you don't wanna go." Seth said reassuringly. "Thanks Seth. How about this? If Mrs. Cox doesn't assign us any major assignments that are due Monday, Ill go." I said to him. "Sounds like a deal." When we got to school i noticed that there was something different. People weren't staring at the people coming off the bus as we came off as they usually did. They were staring at a new direction. I followed the gaze of everyone there. I drew my breath in. Standing there was a boy. A very good-looking one at that too. He had blonde hair down to his ears with little waves in them from the hat the was wearing. he wore somewhat of a skinny jeans but they weren't skinny jeans they were big on him like gangster pants. Then as he looked up I saw them those beatiful baby blue eyes. I looked at Seth. "Is he in our grade?" I said pointing to him. "Yupp Thats the new kid. Skylar I believe his name is..." Seth said breaking off. "Oh, wel is he going to your party?" I asked curiously. "Yupp, I already asked everyone and yesterday the principal asked me to show hima round the school seeing as i am student body presidant." Seth said proud of himself. "Oh... Well I think I will go to your party after all project or not." "Really?! Hey wait your only going 'cause he is arent you?" "Yupp. I wanna meet this new kid. He looks...cute" "I'd say. Well see you at my party then?" "Yupp see you after school?" "Yupp Bye Han!" Skylar waved good-bye, as did I. I gaveout a small sigh. I think I had a crushon this guy before i even meet him.
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Sammie says :   9 February 2009   151195  
thats so cute Ashlee! Continue I am shur everyone wats to keep reading it! 

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