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Boredom. Are you bored? Take this quiz to see how your alike to me! =D 1) Do you have any dreams on your mind? a. Yes. b. No. c. What?? d. Always. 2) Do you go on gaia online? a. No. b. Yes. c. What's that? 3) What would you say if your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you LOUD anda in PUBLIC? a. I'd say, "Be quiet!!" b. I'd say, "Shut up please!" c. I'd say, "Omg! What?!" 4) If you had to choose a boy name, what would it be out of these? a. Zack b. Alex c. Anthony d. What if we are boys???? Me: Um...... HELP YOUR WIFE DECIDE. 5) Do you think this quiz was short? a. No. b. I guess. c. YES! Me: SHUT UP. TOO BAD. Okay!!!!!!! If you picked these you are alike to me and I would be your friend. ::: "D" For number 1. "B" For number 2. "B" For number 3. "C" For number 4. "C" For number 5. ___________________________________________________________________ OKAY! Ready for another quiz?! This is how random you are. Okay?? Be truth-full! 1) What's your favorite food? a. *Tells you* b.OMMGGG GIANT COOKIES ARE TERRORIZING TOWN!!!!!!!!! c. gfuisgoivzdn onbvzdoingfdvigxgeriuszs. 2) What would you say if you were under a alien attack? a. OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA ****IN DIE! b. ' '...? c. *Gets ut bazooka* DIE ALIEN SCUMS! Zchoom Zchoom!!!!!! BANG BANG! Mwahahahahahahahaa! 3) What would you do if you found out your best friend loved you? a. Gay wad. b. WTF. c. I love you too babay <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 4) Do you like green day? a. OMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG GREEEEEEEEEEN DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYAYAYAYAYYAYYYY!!!!!!!! b. No. c. Who are they? 5) Another 5 question long quiz... *Sigh* a. Shaddup!!!! b. Lazy. c. OMG ****IN LAZY BONES. OKAY! If you picked these, you are totally random. ::: "B" For number 1. "C" For number 2. "B" For number 3. "A" For number 4. "C" For number 5. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Comment if you liked those! I will make more quizes so more to come! I'm really lazy-like right now. v.v
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  BLAHBLAHBLAH — Page created: 27 October 2007
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Kirti says:   27 October 2007   957247  
what do you think about the Loch Ness Monster? What about Quantum Physics? Know
anything about alternate religions? Did you know that not all the dinosaurs died out
because we still have birds? have you ever heard of Jane Goodall? Do you like to
draw? Sculpt? paint? any other form of art? 
Do you know the meaning of life? that means your life or life in general. Have you
tried stopping global warming? do you pick up litter? if a tree falls in the forest
and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? do you believe in the Mayan
DoomsDay prophecy? Do you think we are the "superior specis"? do you turn of lights
when you leave a room?do you think the theory of "indigo Children" has any meret? do
you like to read? have you read any British books lately?

Okay that's enough questions for now. i shalst await your answers!

anyone who is bored can attempt to answers THOSE. 

i already know the answers(i think i do) to all these questions. i just think about
them alot since this world seems over run by doofuses i figured why not try geting
other people to think as well. btw, cool quiz
Kirti says:   27 October 2007   787341  
i think ppl are afraid to further beat bordem using my questions
loVetHepOweRofPie says :   18 July 2009   963566  
1- always
2-what's that?
4-Alex(that's already my nickname)

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