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~~me and my friends~~<style type="text/css">div.fetish object,
div.fetish embed
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I made this Flash Music Player at MyFlashFetish.com.

me when i was little sameka when she was little and the age i met her....... catcat337 as a kid (pre-teen and he colored his hair blue) dogdog337 as a pre-teen (and colored his hair green) sasuke a good friend ~~neko ninjas~~ sameka as a pre-teen me when i was 9 yrs. catcat337 as 13... dogdog337 is 11 sasuke ~~naruto characters~~ naruto sasuke sakura kakashi gaara ~~older ninjas~~ me as a teen sameka as teenager (hair color changes) catcat337 is 15 dogdog337 is 13 sasuke 15 ~~family (and sorta but not family)~~ me the little kid ,my mother holding me and my dad patting me on the head me on my big brothers back asleep and my twin smiling sameka not family but part of the family to me....
What do the Naruto characters think of you? (Akatsuki included)(Girls only, unless your gay)

Naruto: Scary!Sasuke: I like her.Sakura: GET HER AWAY FROM ME!Hinata: AH!Kiba: I'm sorry, who?Shino: ...Ino: Scarier than Gaara! Choji: Shikamaru: O.oLee: She seems very powerfull! Neji: I could beat her. (Me: NOT!)Tenten: She freaks me out!Gaara: ... I love her...Temari: She's Gaara's girlfriend.Kankuro: I like her but if Gaara found out then I would be beaten to death!(Akatsuki)Sir Leader: Join Akatsuki!Itachi: HmmKisame: Wow, she's cool.Kakuzu: Our income would sky rocket with her on our team!Hidan: Sexy.Deidara: Crazy girl.Sasori: What?Tobi: She scares me! Zetsu: ...Reiah(AKA Unknown): ...Orochimaru: I NEED HER!Crushes: Gaara's your main man, but Sasuke and Kankuro want you bad. Hidan's also an option.
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Which Naruto Guy Is For You?

You should date Sasuke! Warning: There are about a million other girls who want to.
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me anbu and kakashi anbu
What do the naruto characters think about you (girls only) MANY RESULTS AND HOW YOU AND YOUR DREAM BOY MEET!!!! PICS INCLUDED!!!

Your Boyfriend is: KIBA!!!HOW YOU MEET:You'd kind of know him from class, then one day you would see him training and ask if you could pet his dog, meaning to ask him out....... Then you'd let him train and hold his dog for him. After training he would ask if you wanted to go out with him. You'd say yes and go home to get ready! He'd pick you up and then you'd walk through the park with a picnic basket and then have a picnic. You'd get cold so he'd give you his jacket and you'd blush.... After that you would walk through the forest and to a hill, sit down and just talk..... You'd tell him it was getting late and begin getting up and taking off his jacket. But then, clumsy ole you would trip on one of the sleeves and land on top of him!!! You would be on his chest and be blushing like mad as you got up. While he was getting up you would be telling him how sorry you were and he'd give you a long passionate kiss which at first would be unexpected and then you'd just kind of fall into it. He'd bring you home and give you a beautiful necklace with a dog on it. A few days later he'd ask if you'd be his girlfriend while you were walking down the street after school.PEOPLE'S THOUGHTS ON YOU:Naruto: Yeah, she's cool and she has paid for my ramen once or twice and she's cute.....Sasuke: .......... she likes animals and is better than Naruto..Sakura: She's nice and perfect for Kiba, and she isn't after Sasuke!!!Ino: She and KiBA ARE CUTE TOGETHER!Shikamaru: ....... she is not troublesome......Chouji: *chomp* fine as long as she doesn't eat my BBQ *chomp*TenTen: She is an okay ninja, maybe better than Lee.......Lee: SHE IS SO NOT BETTER THAN ME!!!!!!!Neji: *ignores fighting* she's a fine ninja...........Kiba: I LOVE HER, SHE LOVES DOGS AND SHE IS CUTE TOO!!!!Shino: ..................Hinata: I'm happy that Kiba found someone as perfect for him as her!Gaara: ......... I should care....?Temari: She can't beat Gaara and isn't in our way, so who cares?Kankuro: She's pretty........ADULT'S THOUGHTS:Kakashi: *reads book* she is nice and she is good for Kiba......Gai: She should go out with Lee!3rd Hokage: She'll make a fine ninjaJiraiya (perverted hermit): She is a beauty, not like I have spied on her......Orochimaru: I will kill her.......
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‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› 2 Sep 07  
whens your b-day?
Ayumi_chan 2 Sep 07  
its passed
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› 2 Sep 07  
whens your b-day?
Ayumi_chan 2 Sep 07  
its passed it was july 7th
aiden_love 25 Aug 07  

speed it up to 1:04 and look at Danielle's feet! I just want to lick them!
Ayumi_chan 25 Aug 07  
okkkk then.............*steps back*
cutegirl95 20 Aug 07  
how do i get the pics to go on mi page
Ayumi_chan 20 Aug 07  
.......O_O.......i told u go to edit profile then go to photobucket.com and
search for pics
cutegirl95 27 Jul 07  
Ayumi_chan 28 Jul 07  
u go to edit profile near ur character and for pics got photobucket.com
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