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My layouts

Pikachu's fans are here! RUN!!!

Aaa--wait, hello...dark..POKEMO-- RUN!!!!

Pink Butterfree!

Trick or treat!

For Misty.

Yay! (you have to have a lot of space to see the whole thing XP)

Yay for pokemon!

Either this is Pkm Diamond and Pearl or Pkm Chronicles (need big space to see all)

Yay for Palkia and Diagla!



Um, PALKIA--no--DIAGLA--no--Uxie--NO WAIT-- GROUDON!!!!

Candy's pokemon

Fire and electricity, nice!

Bleu is Red's enemy in POKEMON ADVENTURES

Pikachu, im afraid you have MORE fans...RUN!!!

Heh heh heh! (must have a lot of profile/kupipage space to see all)

OH NO NOT JIGGLYPU--puf--pu--*sleep*

O_O WOW!!!! :O

Pokemon STARS!!! (must have big space to see all)

Pokemon flight dreams!

^_^ (must have big space to see all)

Legends wont be forgotton...

Poke-fun! (bla bla you8 know the deal. big space=see it all)

More fun! But in ice-vision! (SAME DEAL)

Swimmin--OMG POKEMON OVERBOARD!!! (same thing &^%0##@)

May and Drew... and Plusle and Minun!


Heh heh heh heh! X3 (*dies*)

These are my layouts, do whatever you want with them! Change the text to however you want, or make your text suitible... Well, thats all my layouts! Until nextime! ^_^
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  Ash_Ketchum — Page created: 28 October 2007
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Lapras says:   28 October 2007   843687  
Great job Trainer!!!!!!!!!
Solana says:   28 October 2007   768257  
OK thank you!(picked the O_O wow! :O)
misty says:   28 October 2007   455161  
aw thanks for the layout ^^
Ash_Ketchum says:   28 October 2007   658656  
your welcome
aartee_sharma says:   28 October 2007   378852  
Ash_Ketchum says:   28 October 2007   551686  
Here you go Misty. :D

hannahmontanafan1393 says:   28 October 2007   378218  
r u madly obessed with pokemon
Ash_Ketchum says:   28 October 2007   413229  
<object width="450" height="415"><param name="movie" 
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eevee dress up game by ~littleyuji on deviantART
kittycatt says:   13 November 2007   147481  
Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Lapras says:   16 November 2007   611473  
Xatu says:   1 December 2007   792432  
Thank you!I used the pokemon overboard.
‹Mrs.Nick Jonas› says:   30 November 2008   293551  
‹Mrs.Nick Jonas› says :   30 November 2008   615313  

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