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Global Warming

Global Warming is a very serious matter and me and SeedStar have been planning to raise the amount of people who should care about it which now is only 35%. Also sorry for the Pink background i wanted diffrent colours but they were so blinding Ann Star: Global Warming is a terrible thing caused by cars, and many more things . The cars and everything are causing the O zone layer to break bit by bit. This will make earth hotter, and eventually in years the ice in the north pole and south pole will melt and there will be so much water that area's near sea will be flooded. That is why your teachers and other people tell you to walk to school so that we do not use as many car's that will effect the o zone layer. SeedStar: It causes more animals to have a higher posiblility of extinction. Some of the worlds most beautiful polar ice caps to melt, never to be seen again. Greenland is made of ice, and in a couple of decades, Greenland will exist no more. People in certain areas that are going to be flooded might not be able to evacuate in time. Did you know that there was a dodo bird that was found alive? Scientists wanted to breed it with a parrot, but the ddo bird died from bird flu caused by the heat. Heatwaves are to be expected more often. Did you know a hurricane hit Australia because of Global Warming? That was not supposed to happen. Hurricanes are more likely to hit tropical places. Tornados and storm levels are up too. Did you know using up electricity releases a little bit of heat in the air? For one house, it's not much, but for millions of people across the world, it may as well be as hot as lava. Using up too much electricity is extremely bad for nature. Back to AnnStar. AnnStar: Thats right SeedStar! If penguins get extinct then this could lead to alot of other animals getting extinct aswell! Don't you know that if penguins get extinct seals, who eat them will die aswell from starvation, and so on. Bird flu is very serious as well as it not just kills birds it kills humans, but back to the global warming subject. Many floods will happen and kill millions of people, millions of animals and millions of insects, all because of things like cars,trucks and vans polluting the air. It would be perfect if many people travelled by horse carrige instead like the victorian times, but there will be alot of horse dung around, but getting a cleaner will do, or do you want to die from flooding? All this technology is causing so much damage. So please everyone save electricity, your house counts to, like everyone elses. And please, if you can walk to school then walk. Save the world. SeedStar: Yup. Food Chains everywhere will be destroyed. One speicies extinction could lead to the destruction of every animal in the world that isn't domestic. So please everybody help the world out and help your future great/grandchildren!
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  AnnStar — Page created: 6 January 2007
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luckyduck says:   6 January 2007   565914  
wow i feel the same way
GothyGoth says:   6 January 2007   615587  
how u change the colored background
AnnStar says:   6 January 2007   397258  
Thanks, GothyGoth please read this  :
GothyGoth says:   6 January 2007   936411  
thank u
RemaStar says:   6 January 2007   981773  
I agree global warming is a massive issue and i can feel the impact.
cailtyn141 says:   18 March 2007   279754  
I watched the Inconvinient Truth...did anyone else. I sooo wish Al Gore became
president. Bush really does suck. No offence to anyone who likes him but...Bush needs
to relise there's more to this world than the war in iraq. Who's with me?
AnnStar says:   18 March 2007   522636  
Yeah...Global warming is worser that Iraq and things >_<
seedstar says:   20 March 2007   916131  
Put the youtube video from your profile on here!
AnnStar says :   20 March 2007   685748  
Oh alright, in a second lol.
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