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 I got chocolate eggs, I eat 'em.
I'm extremely paranoid, so you can just call me Anna. Or Bradford. Even Gay Relations will work. I don't really care. I'm pretty smart, but also a little bit crazy. I'm also very shy and socially awkward, so at first, I'll look really quiet, but things start getting weird once you get to know me. I have three cats. Obviously, I'm more of a cat person than a dog person. But I still like dogs. I don't really care about the genre of music. As long as I like it, I like it. Mostly I listen to Japanese music. I think I like it so much because I can't understand what they're saying, so then I get to focus more on the music and I'm not just thinking, "These lyrics suck!" While we're on the topic of music, I play flute in band. I was first chair in middle school, but now I'm in high school and most of the upperclassmen are better than me and I stopped trying so hard to be the best. While we're on the topic of Japanese things, I do like anime. My favorite anime is Prince of Tennis. Not for the tennis, though. The characters are pretty unique and funny, and Prince of Tennis actually has REALLY hilarious fillers, which, of course, involve little to no tennis. However, the tennis can be pretty hilarious too. It's super exaggerated and sometimes just straight up impossible. I'm actually part Japanese, but it's kind of a small part and the only real Japanese culture in my house is that we eat rice with almost everything. We do have an interest in the culture, though, which resulted in my sister-in-law staying in Japan for three years to teach English, my brother staying for one year to be with his wife and to teach English, my sister going for two months to study Japanese, and my entire family going there over spring break. I really like socks. I don't know why. I have tons of weird socks with cool patterns. I fail to ever match them to any of my outfits, though. I also really like hats and scarves, but fail to own very many of either of those. I read a lot. My dad has this library going on in his classroom, and everything he reads he gives to me to read, too. His library is mostly made of elementary level books no one's ever heard of, though, so I haven't really read very many classics. I really hate bugs. They're so gross. I have a bad tendency to totally freak out every time a bug is anywhere near. My sister kept talking about how soda makes you dehydrated and how you drink soda when you're dehydrated, so I finally stopped drinking it so much. Now I mostly drink kool-aid. I'm right-handed, but I wish I was left-handed. I think left-handed people are cool. I play lots of video games, but mostly Nintendo ones. It wasn't until recently that I discovered I can have trouble talking to someone about video games because they play all those shooters that I have a tendency to stay away from. I dislike most of the things they've got on Cartoon Network nowadays, so I mostly watch Animal Planet and Discovery on TV. I don't like simple things. Simple to me is boring. I like having a lot to look at. According to my friend, I don't have a sexual orientation. I do not and have not ever had a crush on anyone. Well, except for that one dude, but he was like, ten years older than me and I was five, so that doesn't count. Out of all the genres of books, the only one that I really have trouble standing is romance. If it's just a little, or if it's cute, then I can handle it. But if it's just pages upon pages of making out then I probably will never finish the book. I don't cuss. I'm too nice. And I just thought too much about the word "cuss" so now I'm not sure if it's really a word or not anymore. I wear glasses. It's not that big a deal. Well, I guess it is when you tie a balloon to them and then want to go play in the little kid indoor jungle thing (You know, the one made of tubes with the slide that everyone always climbs up?) but can't untie the balloon. My favorite school subject is science. My least favorite is either history or english, depending on the teachers. I have REALLY bad allergies. If I'm not scratching my skin off, then I'm probably unable to breathe through my nose. I like pictures of personified things, like those people pokemon. I'm not really sure what my religion is. Religion isn't important at all in my family. I'm not very athletic. I'm kind of like a classic nerd. I don't really have a favorite food. There are too many I like. I don't do any drugs except for the good ones, like allergy medicine. I can't think of a good way to end this.


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1 Jul 12
[] I like skinny jeans
[x] Music is my life.
[] I write poetry/song lyrics.
[] My hair covers...
30 Jun 12
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Zelda3443 26 Dec 13  
I feel like if my dad and my brother went into the cash cab they'd probably win
because Chris knows a lot about pop culture and my dad knows a lot about
history. When I wrote my practice essay I basically turned it into a feminist
rant because that's the only thing I can write about.
Yeah I don't really get the whole promise ring thing. I hope you don't get sick
as well. It looks like I'm gonna get home Sunday and I'm not doing anything the
whole week so I'll text you when I get home and we'll work out when we'll hang
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› 28 Jun 14  
Well now that I've recovered from school and am no longer in Florida I will
finally respond to this question on the off chance you still care.
I feel like my parents my parents would do really well at the cash cab. They
tend to cover each other's weaknesses. The only need my help for some of the
more obscure sciency ones that I just so happen to know the answer to.
I hate essays. On the SAT I ended up writing my essay about my english class
because I literally had no other ideas.
I don't remember if I ever told you but I did end up getting sick near the end
of the school year. I was out of school for a week and a half and I ended up
having so much make up work I was working and stressed out all the way to the
very last day. Some of the things I didn't even really make up so my physics
grade was not as fantastic as it should have been. Also the first day I was back
I was still recovering so I was late to a bunch of my classes because Warren is
too huge and long distances and sick people are not friends.
You're probably not gonna see this for a whiiiiilee...
Zelda3443 23 Dec 13  
That sounds terrifying. Did your smoke alarm go off? I hate that sound.
Yeah that's true. And they usually don't drop you off at the actual location you
want to be at, just the bus stop nearest to it so then you gotta walk. Ick. I'd
probably suck at the cash cab some of the questions they ask are so obscure.
Math is a problem for me too. Also the essay. I don't think fast enough to write
an intelligent essay in less than half an hour.
I wore the ring today and a lady asked me if my boyfriend gave it to me.
Since I texted you the other day I guess you now know that I got my phone fixed
so its all good.
It looks like I'm not gonna be free until next Thursday. Maybe Tuesday. I
actually don't even know when I'm getting back into San Antonio. If its by
Saturday or Sunday we can do something Monday. I'll have to text you soon and
we'll figure it out.
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› 24 Dec 13  
Nope. Our smoke detector's been broken for as long as I can remember.
I wouldn't mind walking if I didn' live in Texas where the weather is suitable
for walking four days throughout the whole year. Yeah, I'd need someone else to
go with me. I don't know pop culture at all. Timed writings scare me. Either I
have an idea but it takes me half an hour to organize it or I have no idea what
I'm talking about and run out of things to say after the first three sentences.
I have to make up a timed writing for class and I really don't want to.
I'm sorry. That's probably what most people expect you to do with a companion
ring, which is pretty dumb considering you're high school students and the
chances of the relationship lasting is pretty slim.
Okay then. My nephew got sick recently so I quarantined myself.
Zelda3443 29 Nov 13  
That would be the lamest way to die ever. It would probably be really morbid,
too. I have the channel guide right by my bed so that's helpful. DirectTV has
this thing where you can favorite channels and get to them easily, but my dad
filled all the slots with sports and other things I don't care about.
My mom always tells me I could get some kind of office job or a receptionist
thing, but that involves answering phones and I really don't want to do that. I
always figured I'd start out in retail, but it looks like I may have to lower
myself to food service. I've only taken the bus once and there was pretty much
no one on it when I did. I've always wanted to take a taxi though.
I really need to study more often for the SAT. I seem to only think about it
when I don't really have time to do it. The only part I'm really worried about
is the math section though. All the practice stuff I've done for the writing and
reading sections are super easy, but even though I'm okay at math, I have a hard
time retaining the information for long. Are they big sharks? I've only seen a
shark in person once because Chris caught one on accident and we had to throw it
back. It was pretty big though. I also saw a hammer head and it looked really
weird. I was actually getting really good grades in speech because the teacher
was mostly grading on posture, grammar, and not using "filler words". I guess
the upside is if I do have to film myself speaking only my teacher would be
seeing it and not my whole class. Maybe you could take a speech class outside of
school. I think for me anyway that would be less nerve wracking because it
wouldn't actually go towards a grade. Yay! I am honored. I guess now? I mean at
least if I get it soon doesn't fit any of my fingers you'll have ample time to
find someone else to give it to. 
Luckily, I did not get trampled. I didn't really buy anything either. I was
really only going because I need bras and sweater, but every time I found
something I liked the dressing rooms were too crowded to try things on. I got
your book in the mail so I'm going to wrap it tomorrow. It's the first edition
and there's no writing in it or anything, but it's missing the dust jacket. Is
that okay? If it's not I can always include the receipt and you can exchange it
for another copy. My phone broke because apparently I break everything (though I
kind of think it was my niece) so I'll call or text you Saturday evening. I
think I'd rather go to La Cantera instead of Ingram if that's okay. There always
seems to be more to do there.
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› 21 Dec 13  
Our house is big enough that we probably could have escaped. While we're on that
topic, though, me and my sisters accidentally made a ridiculously huge fire a
few days ago and filled the whole living room with smoke. I usually just scroll
through the 100s until I run into the obvious sports channel section.
Yeah, I really have no idea what I'll do about a job. Another thing about taking
the bus is that I'd have to operate on their schedule. Punctuality is an area I
am severely lacking in. I've always wanted to take the Cash Cab. I'll figure out
what I need to study once we get the Pre-SAT scores back, but math is probably
one of those things. Remembering formulas I haven't used since 8th grade is
hard. I think they're about the size of those tables that're always in science
classrooms. So they're pretty big, but not like, hammerhead big or anything.
Haha, I suck at not using filler words though. Although, I think I did pretty
well while presenting my English project a few days ago. I think I’m getting
better at actual speeches… the problem now is talking to people in general.
The next time I see you you can have it. If it doesn’t fit any of your fingers
I’d probably just put it in the “Flute time capsule”, which is really just
inside the ceiling in the locker room. 
I’ve never been out on Black Friday but I imagine it’s always too crowded to
buy anything. That’s fine. That sucks about your phone. If you need my number
again I can message you. Like I said, we’re on break again so I’m free
except for the obvious holidays. But I do have homework so if you’re not free
until the end of break tell me so I can get it done.
Zelda3443 26 Nov 13  
I used to hold on to all my math notes, but I'm probably not going to take
another math course because I have 5 math credits now so I've thrown them all
away. Burning paper smells bad anyway.
I'm so confused by all the channel numbers now that I pretty much just watch one
or two even if it's playing something I don't like.
I basically just hate pompous assholes who can't get off their high horse. Chris
is like that a lot of the time and it really bugs me. I don't think you're too
behind, I don't want a job either, but I feel like I need one if I want to go to
college. Also, my cousin didn't get her license until she was 21 so don't worry
about that. You could always be one of those people who takes the bus all the
I think I'll probably take the SAT in Spring. I guess if I suck I can always
take it again though. You can pretty much sign up for the SAT anytime you want
though. Or that's what I've been told. The thing I always hated about the
dissections was the smell because I'm a big pansy and any kind of bad smell
makes my head hurt. I have no idea, I'm kind of worried that I'll have to use a
webcam or something. That would be horrific and embarrassing. Maybe it's just
all "in theory" kind of stuff though. I'm kind of regretting leaving Comm Arts
when I did because if I had stayed another week or two I could've had my speech
credit out of the way. I have chubby monster fingers, it'd probably fit my
I think I'm busy Wednesday and Thursday for family stuff, and I'm pretty sure
I'm going Black Friday shopping and that's an all day event. I might be going to
my grandma's on Saturday, but that could be changed because Chris is going
hunting. So I am free Sunday and possibly Saturday.
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› 29 Nov 13  
The next time I clean my room I'll probably throw out all that junk. I'll keep
interesting things, though. I think I still have my biology binder in my closet.
The paper was all colored, so my mom was afraid the burning dye would release
toxic fumes. Yeah, I mostly stick to the channels that always stay the same now
or get someone else to find something good.
I actually wrote my paper about how you shouldn't go against society for the
sake of uncomforming and I got a 95 on it. Actually I think that's the highest
grade I've gotten on a paper all year. I really don't know what I'll do when I
get to college. My social skills are too bad for jobs. I could work for the same
lady Libby worked for but I think it might involve phones and that's the worst
thing ever. Also I might not even go to the same college as Libby, so I couldn't
work for her. My mom keeps telling me I can't take the bus because San Antonio's
bus system sucks. It's also probably full of dangerous hobos. I think I'll just
cross all these bridges when I have to.
I'll take the SAT when all my friends take it. Which will probably be whenever
my english teacher/the counselor tells us to. We all took the Pre SAT and we're
supposed to get those results in December or January so that'll help. At the end
of the year we dissect sharks which smells so bad it stinks up half the third
floor every year. I'm not excited to be in close proximity with that smell. At
least you'd do it in the comfort of your own room. It could just be theory,
though. I took the easy way out and took a GT class that gave you a speech
credit. It was pretty small, fun class so any presentations we had to do were
easy. I kind of feel like I need a real speech class though, 'cuz that is
definitely one of my weak points. You can have it then! Do you want it now, or
after I get my class ring? I don't really care either way.
If I had been more diligent I would have told you to not get trampled on Black
Friday. Instead I've been playing video games all day every day and now I have
homework to do. I'll try to get all my work done today and tomorrow, so we can
probably go to the mall or something on Sunday.
Zelda3443 17 Nov 13  
Dude my grandma is the craziest. When we were cleaning out her house I found a
hospital bill from 1981 from sometime my dad crashed his motorcycle. We didn't
even bother shredding all the papers in her house we just set them on fire.
We actually just switched from Time Warner to Direct TV. The only bad thing
about that is the lack of on demand channels. It's a lot cheaper though. It's
taking a long time for me to learn the channels though. We're actually talking
about getting a new family computer. We've had the same one for a long time. My
laptop is still pretty new though.
I think that dude was stupid. I get that American society has its flaws, but it
really bugs me when people fail to realize how lucky we are to live in a first
world, civilized country. It's not that much, I just got started really. It's
certainly better than nothing though. I'll still probably need a job at some
point. There was a hit and run on our van and it was totaled so we got a fancy
new car, but I can't drive it because we can't afford to put my name on the
insurance policy so I'd have to pay for it.
Maybe next month I'll sign up for it, once I finish Physics. I signed up for a
"SAT Study Course" and it's honestly the most boring thing ever. Dissections
smell like hospitals, it's very disturbing. I'm kind of glad that since I do
online school I will not only never have to present a project to my class, but I
will also never dissect anything. Maybe the ring will fit my pinky. 
I'm supposed to get my license on Tuesday (assuming I pass the test) so I could
even drive you. I went ahead and just ordered the book online last night, so
I'll let you know when it arrives. In retrospect I should have put your address
for the shipping address, but oh well. I bought it used, I hope you don't mind.
The condition is "good". I'm not really doing much over Thanksgiving break so we
should go.
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› 25 Nov 13  
I have a pile of old school work in my closet because I'm convinced I might
need to look at it to remember how to do stuff. In reality it's so big I'm too
lazy to dig through it and I just look everything up. I recently did a project
that required a 15ft x 15ft sheet of paper because I'm a retard and I suggested
to my mom that we burn the leftover paper. She wouldn't let me. 
Honetly I don't even watch that much TV. I could probably make it on 2 or three
channels. The only reason I like having all of them is for the moments there's
nothing good on the channels I normally watch and I need to scroll through
everything until I find something interesting. My computer's actually kind of
old now... I don't really need a new one yet, though. 
What I hate is that the big thing about those people is that they say "you
should live like you want to", and yet they think people who live like most of
society does are stupid. I have money now that my birthday has passed. Hopefully
it will last me the whole year. I feel like I'm behind in life... I haven't
started driving, I don't want a job... I don't know what college I want to go
to, either. I'm gonna be one of those people who lives in their parents'
basement. Except my parents don't have a basement.
My English teacher is supposed to be preparing us for the SAT. She does this by
occasionally giving us multiple choice questions from old SAT reading sections
and making us take a vocabulary quiz every six weeks. I don't even know when the
SAT is. I always get really excited for dissections but then I actually get
there and it smells and the thing you're dissecting is all cold and stiff and
all the organs are gray and impossible to tell apart and it's never as exciting
as I think it will be. How do you even get a speech credit online? The ring's
too big for my pinky but a little small for... every other finger.
As long as it doesnt have writing in it I'm good. Apparently we're doing a lot
of weird stuff this week so I'll have to ask when I can do things. At least I'll
probably be better about responding now that I don't have to worry about school.
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