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Hi,welcome to my Pretend Fun School,come be a student or teacher!!!have fun!!

Hi my name is Miss Ami and i am the princepal\\owner in charge of this school.
Students:The total students that can come to this school is the total of 30 students. what the students do is they will recieve a newsletter from me the pricepal like once a week,that may have a task,contest,quiz or anything like that.The newsletter will get sent to them in a letter by me,Miss Ami..The newsletter will have all sorts of different parts from the teachers,like a teacher might of created a contest in the newsletterNew:once a student has done all the first 5 newsletters(over 5 weeks)they will get a small reward. If you would like to be a student at this school,please fill out the form below: My name is: My Kupika name is: My age is: I promise to do my newsletter homework (copy and paste it into coments) The students are: *Dylan ( neveragainxx ) *Leiku ( Mikku_Kat) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Teacher: The total of teachers is 5 the teachers can do anything to be apart of the newsletter,including contests,quizes etc..BUT i will come to the teachers in letter saying to them "its newsletter time, what special thing would you like to put into the school newsletters for the students to do for newsletter homework"Then the teachers have to reply back as soon as possible.So teachers please dont send anything to the students,it wil be in the newsletter. If you want to be a teacher at this school,please fill out the form below: I want my teacher name to be: My kupika name is: My age is: I promise to be a good teacher and follow the rules (copy and paste that into coments) The teachers are: *Ms. Julia (lilblueangel) *Annie ( qan10 * * * Rules of the school: *No swearing *no being mean *following the rules If u dont follow by the rules,you may get expelled.. About Me In real life,i dont like all..this is just like a mini Kupika computer school..i guess!! Miss.Ami
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  Amilee3 — Page created: 4 October 2007  |  Last modified: 5 October 2007
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lilblueangel says:   4 October 2007   114627  
I want my teacher name to be: Ms. Julia
My kupika name is: lilblueangel
My age is: 14 & 1/2
Amilee3 says:   4 October 2007   148172  
thts awsome thanx u are now a teacher..ill just put you on there..
Amilee3 says:   4 October 2007   594336  
Note:Everyone once there is 5 students,there will be the first newsletter
qan10 says:   4 October 2007   851632  
I want my teacher,s name to be Annie. Annie is my favourite name.
qan10 says:   4 October 2007   223292  
qan10 says:   4 October 2007   879782  
hmmmm i think every body should be ugly
Amilee3 says:   4 October 2007   711327  
lol ummm plz thats not nice..but yes you can be a teacher...but.......yeah follow
the rules
neveragainxx says:   4 October 2007   693382  
I Would Like My Student Name To Be Dylan.
My Kupika Name Is neveragainxx.
I Am 12 Years Young. 
I Promise To Do My Newsletter Work.
Amilee3 says:   4 October 2007   515669  
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   5 October 2007   236685  
My name is: Leiku
My Kupika name is: Mikku_Kat
My age is: 11
I promise to do my newsletter homework I do! ^^
Amilee3 says:   5 October 2007   174691  
‹nosleephere› says:   5 October 2007   613222  
Can I be the Literature and art teacher?
Amilee3 says:   6 October 2007   483837  
well if you read the page it isnt like that..
tomoko455 says :   5 August 2008   196153  
student name: andrea
kupika name: ^ up there
i promise to do home work

grade 5th
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