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Sailor Moon Shrine

This is just a little sailor oon shrine I'm putting up, I love Sailor Moon! Photobucket Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon Meaning: Rabbit of the Moon Birthday: June 30 Astrological Sign: Cancer Blood Type: O Family Members: Father (Magazine Editor), Mother (Dedicated Housewife), Shingo (Fifth Grade) Interests: Sleeping, Eating things Sports: None Favorite Color: Pink, White Favorite Class: Home Economics Least Favorite Class: English, Math Favorite Food: Ice Cream, Cake Least Favorite Food: Carrots Hopes To Go To: Palace of Versailles Fortune Tells: Usagi and Naru go to a fortune telling house Small Habit: Crying to Cheat People (Cries to get what she wants) Good At: Crying, Sleeping Likes: Pure white rabbits Dislikes: Dentists Motto: Kids who sleep grow up quickly. Favorite Stone: Diamond Seiyuu: Mitsuishi Kotono Photobucket Chibiusa (Tsukino Usagi)/Sailor Chibi Moon Birthday: June 30 Astrological Sign: Cancer Blood Type: O Favorite Color: Red, Pink Hobby: Collecting usagi/rabbit goods Favorite Food: Pudding Least Favorite Food: Carrots Favorite Subject: Drawing Worst Subject: Languages Has Trouble With: Taking care of the house Strong Point: Getting people to give her things Dream: Becoming a lady Favorite Gemstone: Diamond Seiyuu: Araki Kae Photobucket Mizuno Amy/Sailor Mercury Meaning: Friend of Water Birthday: September 10 Astrological Sign: Virgo Blood Type: A Family Members: Mother (Doctor) Interests: Studying, Chess Sports: Swimming Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Class: Math Least Favorite Class: None Favorite Food: Sandwiches, honey Least Favorite Food: Hamachi Hopes To Go To: Greece Fortune Tells: None Small Habit: Pondering, Putting her hand to her mouth Good At: Calculating Likes: Smart cats like Luna Dislikes: Love Letters Motto: Pure, honest, beautiful! Favorite gemstone: Sapphire Seiyuu: Hisakawa Aya Photobucket Hino Rei/Sailor Mars Meaning: Spirit/Beauty of Fire Birthday: April 17 Astrological Sign: Aries Blood Type: AB Family Members: Father (Statesman); Grandfather Interests: Study, Fortunetell Sports: Track and Field Events Favorite Color: Red and Black Favorite Class: Ancient Calligraphy Least Favorite Class: Modern Society Favorite Food: Porgy; Puffer fish Least Favorite Food: Canned asparagus Hopes To Go To: Deep Sea Fortune Tells: Tarot Cards Small Habit: Looks at people and seems to know their mind Good At: Meditation Likes: Little lizards Dislikes: Television Motto: Men can't be trusted. Favorite stone: Ruby Seiyuu: Tomizawa Michie Photobucket Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter Meaning: Sincerety of Wood Birthday: December 5 Astrological Sign: Sagittarius Blood Type: O Family Members: None Interests: Cooking Sports: Swimming, Ballet, Basketball Favorite Color: Pink Favorite Class: Home Economics Least Favorite Class: Physics Favorite Food: Cherry pie, Hibiscus Least Favorite Food: None Hopes To Go To: Rome Fortune Tells: Flower Fortunetelling Small Habit: Stuttering Hobby: Bargaining Likes: Tropical Fish Dislikes: Planes Favorite stone: Emerald Seiyuu: Shinohara Emi Photobucket Aino Minako/Sailor Venus Meaning: Beautiful Child of Love Birthday: October 22 Astrological Sign: Libra Family Members: Father; Mother (Dedicated Housewife) Interests: Playing games Sports: All Favorite Colors: Red and Yellow Favorite Class: Gym Least Favorite Class: Anything not gym Favorite Food: Pulled noodles, Curry, Spaghetti Least Favorite Food: Shiitake mushrooms Hopes To Go To: Inside a Space Shuttle Fortune Tells: Hard Money Small Habit: When she becomes jealous of things, she has a fit Good At: Cheats others Likes: Annoying things Dislikes: Mama and the Police Motto: When you fall down, pretend nothing happened and get back up. Favorite Stone: Topaz Seiyuu: Fukami Rica Photobucket Tenoh Haruka/Sailor Uranus Meaning: Distant Sky King Birthday: January 27 Astrological Sign: Aquarius Blood Type: B Hobby: Racing Sports: Land sports Favorite Color: Gold Favorite Class: Gym Least Favorite Class: Modern Japanese Favorite Food: Salads Least Favorite Food: Natto Hopes To Go To: Heaven Fortune Tells: Coin Fortune Telling Bad Habit: Quick to sulk Skilled At: Flattering words Weak Point: Men Favorite Stone: Amber Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi Photobucket Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune Meaning: Full/to rise, Sea King Birthday: March 6 Sign: Pisces Blood Type: O Hobby: Violin Sports: Swimming Favorite Color: Marine Blue Favorite Class: Music Least Favorite Class: None Favorite Food: Sashimi Least Favorite Food: Kikurage Hopes To Go To: Capital of Music Fortune Tells: Mirror Fortune Telling Bad Habit: Quick to look at her hand-mirror Skilled At: Sidelong (flirtatious) glances Weak Point (Hates): Sea cucumber Favorite Stone: Aquamarine Seiyuu: Katsuki Masako Photobucket Meioh Setsuna/Sailor Pluto Meaning: Moment Dark King Birthday: October 29 Astrological Sign: Scorpio Blood Type: A Hobby: Shopping Sports: Gymnastics/Exercise Favorite Color: Dark Red Favorite Class: Physics Least Favorite Class: Music Favorite Food: Tea Least Favorite Food: Eggplant Hopes To Go To: Caribbean Fortune Tells: Weather Fortune Telling Bad Habit: Feeling depressed Skilled At: Sewing Weak Point: Cochroaches Favorite Stone: Garnet Seiyuu: Kawashima Chiyoko Photobucket Tomoe Hotaru Meaning: Firefly of Earth Birthday: January 6 Astrological Sign: Capricorn Blood Type: AB Hobby: Reading Sports: Table tennis Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Class: World History Least Favorite Class: Gym Favorite Food: Nihon Soba Least Favorite Food: Milk Hopes To Go To: Florence Fortune Tells: Flower Fortune Telling Bad Habit: Hangs head Skilled At: Wound treatment Weak Point: Marathons Favorite Stone: Flourite Seiyuu: Minaguchi Yuko
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HelloKatie says:   1 March 2009   493451  
LOL, Moon shine.
‹.:cσℓσυяε∂ sσx αяε мч ωσяℓ∂:› says :   1 March 2009   432239  
i love sailor moon.

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