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Role Play Characters

My role play characters. Once I get enough Kupipoints I will create a club. Maybe you guys can help me get more
kupipoints and/or a suggestion on what I should call it.

Name: Rei and Sai
Age: 16 and both softmores in high school
Species: Shape Shifters
Appearance: anime Pictures, Images and
Personality: Both very quiet and stay away from everybody. Hide their past. Orphans and live at an orphanage until they
graduate. Are glad they have each other and trust each other with their lives. They both use spells.

Name: Ryu
Age: 17
Species: Dragon
Appearance: anime silver dragon boy
Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: Quiet but kind, he lives at the orphanage and is able to use spells to fight. Not much else is known about

Name: Lilly
Age: 18
Species: Demon but hates being one.
Appearance: white hair anime girl
Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: Also quiet and uses water to attack but can only use water if water is around. If not she is weaker and is
pretty much a regular human which she enjoys the time she is a regular human

Name: Raven
Age: 17
Species: Vampire
Personality: Energetic goth girl who likes to have fun. She hates high school cause its boring. She keeps her past
behind her. She lives at the orphanage and talks to the quiet orphans trying to cheer them up.

Name: Zess
Age and Grade: 18 real age unknown
Species: Mix of a demon and a vampire
Personality: Very mysterious and is incredibly strong. Hates people who act tough until it comes to battle. Is very
vicious when he transforms. People think he is gorgeous but he ignores them. Has never fallen in love before and tries
to push people away.
Appearance Features: White face, dark eyes, silver eyes
Human form: hot anime guy Pictures, Images
and Photos
Demon Form: Anime Heart Demon Guy
Pictures, Images and Photos
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‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   9 April 2011   908787  
I like how they have similar hair colors. (: Your characters are great!~
Hmm, how much KupiPoints do you need? (I know you need 25 kp for a club, but like how
much more do you need to reach 25?)
Amaranth_Goddess says:   10 April 2011   795639  
I have 3 right now so 22 more kupipoints. Ima add more characters.
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   11 April 2011   345178  
Oh, alright. Is it okay with you if I send you some points? 
Amaranth_Goddess says:   11 April 2011   389216  
Danny972008 says:   16 April 2011   860458  
Ok can my character be named Seth age 14 species dragon / human can switch. Out
personality nobody understands him
Amaranth_Goddess says :   16 April 2011   844009  
These are just my random role play characters. Go to my profile and click the club or
find my Ad with the club link. Ok? 
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