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Secrets Chapter One By: Meaghan (AlmondFur.)

My mother woke me and my sister Leopardkit. She was nudging us out of the nursery. I tripped and bumped into my sister. 
“Ow! Almondkit watch where you are going!” exclaimed Leopardkit as mom ushered us out of the nursery. I know I did
nothing wrong. But I felt like I had to say sorry. “Well sorry!” I sighed. My sister wasn’t always easy to live
with. We stopped near the crowd. Ashstar had called a meeting. I didn’t know what this meeting was for. My mom started
grooming us. Licking our fur so we looked all nice and shiny. Not like the way our fur always was; ruffled and messed
up. I looked up at Ashstar waiting for the speech to begin. AshStar begun the familiar words. “Let all cats of this
clan gather. For a clan meeting!” Ashstar’s words rang loud through the clearing. I sighed and looked at my sister.
As usual when she was excited her fur stood up. I decided I would look at my feet. “Today we have met to welcome  two
new apprentices.” Ashstar’s Spoke. I looked up. Looking for the new appetencies. Meanwhile it looked like my sister
was going to jump out of her fur. “Leopardkit and Almondkit, Please come here!” Ashstar’s words startled me. I was
becoming an apprentice. I was suddenly shy. I walked forward holding my tail and head high. My sister was doing the
same. I climbed up the rocks behind my sister. Trying to avoid the little rocks she kicked back. We reached the top,
Ashstar swept his tail. A gesture that told us to come forward. I sat down beside Leopardkit waiting. “I speak these
words before Sky Clan. watch these two apprentices grow into the warriors we all know they will be. And with that.”
Ashstar paused letting the words ring out. Ashstar looked at the sky know as he continued. “I know pronounce you.
Leopardpaw!” Ashstar rested his head on Leopardpaw’s muzzle. Leopardpaw licked his shoulder in response. Ashstar
turned to me next. “I know pronounce you. Almondpaw!” Ashstar rested his head on my muzzle too. I also licked his
shoulder in response. Ashstar continued. “RiverSong You Will Mentor Leopardpaw.” Ashstar paused again to let the
cheers ring out. RiverSong Nodded. Pure happiness on her face. Ashstar then waited as RiverSong and Leopardpaw greeted
each other. Then he moved onto me. “Bluewind it’s coming to the time where you will need an apprentice. You will
mentor Almondpaw.” Shocked murmurs and cheers rang threw the clearing. I greeted Bluewind with a lick on her shoulder.
She greeted me the same way. Then everyone started chanting our names. “Leopardpaw! Leopardpaw! Almondpaw!
Almondpaw!” I was to embarrassed to stay standing there. I jumped down and a crowd came to greet me and my sister. I
nodded and offered my thanks and backed away. I went with Bluewind to the medicine cats den leaving my sister in the
appetencies den. We walked past the rock and near the moss that hid the medicine cat’s den. I ducked under the moss
and into the space where I would now be living. There was a little stream near the edge of the space, It was like a
dug-out cave in here. Dirt was our roof. There was a split rock in the middle. Big enough for a cat to sleep in and
still have room for supplies. I peeked a look inside. It smelt strongly of Bluewind. So that’s where she would sleep.
I went to the pile of moss Bluewind showed me. It was to be my bed. I bent down and curled up on the bed. Letting sleep
take me over. I had a dream. Not the usual dream; It was a dark chilly night, and the moon was full. The clearing was
empty and there was an eerie silence that no one dared to break. Half of the clan was gone. They were at the gathering,
where they would meet with other clans in peace. Suddenly a wail ripped through the silent, dark night. The medicine cat
woke with a start she had heard that exact wail in her dream! She had dreamed about two kits that would be born under a
full moon, and they would grow to be the most powerful cats in the clans. Brushing away her tiredness and her troubling
dream she darted out of the medicine den and scampered to the nursery, where she had heard the wail. As she poked her
head inside she smelled –blood! Kits were being born! She ran back to the nursery and grabbed some fresh moss, poppy
seeds and a soaked moss ball. Another wail and she was running back to the nursery. She got there just in time, the kits
were being born. Quickly she gave the mother the poppy seeds to ease the pain. Right when the first one was coming, a
shaft of moonlight seeped through the brambles and shone on the kit, and kept on shining till the last kit was born.
Then, all was dark again. Was it a coincidence? She thought as she started licking the kits to get them warm. “Thank
you Bluewind, I will be forever thankful!” said Brambleheart. 
“It’s a pleasure, seeing new members of the clan being born” said Bluewind as she wiped the blood off the sandy
floor with the dry moss ball. She left the wet moss ball for Brambleheart to drink. But she couldn’t get the kits out
of her head. They had a great destiny ahead of them, and to fulfill it they would have to go through a lot of trouble.
She took one last look at the kits and padded back to the den, it was quiet and peaceful but the thought of the kits
would not go away. I suddenly woke. What was that? I thought. It was strange and the dream had my mother in it and I was
Bluewind? It made no sense to me at all. I couldn’t fall back to sleep. So I got up and walked out to the clearing. I
saw my sister sitting with the other appetencies. Rainpaw was further off to the side, with Cloudpaw. They were eating
food on the stump. My sister was hanging out with Swallowpaw and Dustpaw. I walked over to my sister. I sat down beside
her. She nudged my shoulder. I smiled. Dustpaw came over and sat on my other side. “Hey, Almondpaw. What’s
up?”Dustpaw asked me. I looked at him. “Nothing. I just had a really weird dream that’s all you?”I asked back. I
was trying to be friendly. Leopardpaw looked at me. “What kind of  ‘weird’ dream Almondpaw?” Leopardpaw asked
me. I sighed. But I felt like I should tell my sister. “Nothing. That weird.” I said. I looked away then whispered
in her ear. “I don’t think I can tell you my dreams know. Not ever again.”I sighed. I wanted to tell my sister
everything. But as medicine cats, We were sworn never to tell our dreams. Except we could tell our leaders and mentors.
I sighed heavily and got up. My sister could tell that the dream was bugging me. But I couldn’t tell her. I would
never be able to tell her of my dreams again. I walked to the fresh kill. I picked out a mouse. Taking it to the stump
and eating. I soon finished and I got up. I felt stiff from sitting for so long. I walked to the entrance of Moon
Clan’s camp and walked out. I saw my sister looking after me. Wonder on her face.	I entered the field that was a
little a ways from the camp. I walked past the trees to the rocks near a sunny spot. The sun always calmed me. I jumped
onto the highest rock. I laid down. The sun reflected onto my body. Warming me. The hint of red came into my fur. The
colour on my fur that only ever showed in sunlight. My green eyes glistened like wet grass in sunlight. I could have
laid here all day. All night. But I had a duty to do and I couldn’t resist that. I walked back into the camp by noon.
My father; Blacktail was sitting beside my mother grooming each either. In another corner Dustpaw, Rainpaw and Cloudpaw
were talking. Ashstar and Crimpledfoot were talking under the high rock. I picked up a crow for Bluewind as I went back
to our den. Bluewind was in the split rock checking her supplies. She was whispering reminders to herself and counting
hoe much stock she had. I walked up behind her and placed the mouse on the floor by the mouth of the rock. I turned and
gathered some moss. I would need it to get water for the other nurse queen. I walked into the nursery; Ripplepelt was
awake. I placed the water down next to her. “Thanks, Almondpaw.” She said to me. I nodded in response and left. I
went back to Bluewind. She was waiting for me this time. “So, Do you want to start with medicine, Hunting or fighting
skill?” Bluewind asked me. I thought for a minute. Medicine is my job, so maybe I should do that. “Medicine.” I
responded. Bluewind looked pleased with my response. I followed Bluewind to the spilt rock. She pulled out rows and rows
of medicine. She pointed at one and said it was borage leaves. I got them all listed in my head after awhile. Borage
leaves, Burdock root, Catmint, Celandine, Chamomile, Chervil, Cobwebs, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Dock, Dried oak leaf,
Feverfew, Goldenrod, Honey, Horsetail, Juniper berries, Lavender, Mallow, Marigold, Mouse bile, Poppy seeds, Rush,
Stinging needle, Snake root, tansy, Thyme, Traveling herbs, Water mint, Wild garlic and yarrow. Mouse bile was awful. It
smelt bad. The kind of stuff you don’t put in your mouth. After that was done it was twilight.

Chapter 1 Wrote By: Meaghan (AlmondFur.)
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‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   4 March 2009   538592  
I sort of flintched when I read the last word. xD

Good Job, AlmondFur Meaghan!
AlmondFurAndLeopardTalon says :   25 April 2009   542545  
Lol, You Do Know Twilight Is A Time? =) I'm Just Waiting For LeopardTalon/Liza To
Edit Here Ch. I'm Already On Ch-5!

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