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Vampire Academy Club?

Hey I thought of a good idea which involves and amazing series I am currently reading. Its called Vampire Academy. Here
is what its basically about:
There are these two girls: Rose is a Dhampir Guardian and Lissa is a Moroi Princess. There are 3 species you should know
about. Moroi, Strigoi and Dhampir. A Dhampir is easy to tell you about. Its basically just a half human half vampire.
One parent can be a dhampir and the other could be a moroi to have a Dhampir like in Rose's case or a human and Moroi
can have a dhampir child. A moroi is a mortal vampire. They live and age like humans but unlike humans they feed off
human or dhampir blood but mostly human because if a Moroi drinks off of a Dhampir its considered one of the kinkiest
and dirtiest things a moroi can do to a Dhampir especially during sex. There are two types of Moroi: Regular and Royal.
Strigoi are Immortal vampires that feed of Moroi and get stronger each Moroi they feed off of. There are also these
Guardians that protect the Moroi from the Strigoi. Each Moroi at the school have a Guardian. The Guardians are usually
Dhampirs but I think they can be human too or its just the teachers that can be human. Anyways, the two girls ran away
from the school and were gone for two years. Lissa had drank Rose's blood to survive. Dimitri(I will base my character
off of him) and a 9 other guardians came to bring them back. They succeeded and took them to the Academy. Rose wanted
everyone to fear her like they used to but now shes on probation for running away. She can only train with Dimitri, go
to school, train more with Dimitri and then go home. The whole love story is she and Jesse like each other so they start
making out and he takes off his shirt. She refuses to have sex on an old couch in an abandoned living room part of the
dorm but wont mind just making out with him. Dimitri storms in grabs him by the shirt threatens him and throws him out.
He then noticed her body and stared at it. Like any other guy at the school he was crazy about her but being 7 years
older(Hes 24) then her and her teacher it would never work out. She stops liking Jesse after he became an ass and told
everyone he had sex with her and she fed off of him and his friend just to please Mia(She told them if they spread the
rumor she will have sex with them and so they did. Stupid horny teenage boys XD). Anyways, the only guy she truly loved
was Dimitri and then Prince Victor put a spell on the necklace she wore. A lust spell. Her and Dimitri almost had sex
and then they figured out the necklace had a spell on it and Dimitri got rid of it. Now he calls her Roza(Apparently
thats Russian for Rose). Oh yeah and Dimitri is Russian with a thick Russian Accent. I will add more later

So I just need Kp and I will be able to create this club. It doesn't matter how much kp just as long as I have enough to
create it and Advertise it. I will add more later since I am bein lazy. I will also create my character here.
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  Alistair — Page created: 12 June 2011
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‹~WildBerri~› says:   13 June 2011   115428  
I will donate when I can but I don't have enough to donate right now but it sounds
Alistair says :   14 June 2011   552737  
It is. Im on the second book right now

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