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Criminal/Insane Asylum Club

I am thinking of making a criminal Insane Asylum Club. Kinda of like a Reform School like they have in the book Fallen
which I am using as a template. I am also using a few other clubs that I saw which I kinda based off of. Don't get mad.
Its just I found it a good Idea and fun and I have a weird obession over asylums. XD I need Ideas and kupipoints. I also
need people who would like to join this club in the making. Thank you for your time.

I was also thinking of making something based off the book Dead Rules. Basically they have all died and have to go to
Dead School. The First four classes take place in the same room. Then Lunch and then Four periods in a different class.
There are people called the Sliders, then the virgins, then the greys. I think thats everyone I need to cover. The
Virgins are the ones who never had sex when they were alive and wear white gowns. The greys are people who died of
suicides and they wear raggidy clothing and have grey skin. The sliders are the hot ones and there the most dangerous. I
forget why there so dangerous they just are. There cruel and mean but so fucking hot. They all walk in groups. The
Virgins are the ones who walk in at the end of each class and sing. They are the bell. You may pick Sliders, Virgins,
Greys, or Regular Students. Whatever you want.

This is the club

Mix of the books Fallen and Dead Rules. Basically your all dead but you still have to go to school. They can be
seperated into two groups: The Risers and the Sliders. Risers are the good ones. Sliders are the bad ones. They stole
and killed in their life time. There are also the Greys and Virgins. Virgins are what their name states. They never had
sex in their life time. They wear white gowns. Greys died of suicides and have greyish skin and wear raggidy clothes. I
am going to have everyone be a Slider maybe a Riser here and there. But I want people to be Sliders because it is an
Asylum after all. If you want to make a Riser discuss it with me. I think thats it.

I know this has nothing to do with this actual page but Im too lazy to make a new one. I want to have a
hardcore/softcore yaoi club. I know its not original but yaoi is such a turn on and its hot and I am such a fan boy.
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  Alistair — Page created: 12 July 2011  |  Last modified: 15 July 2011
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‹FuckYesIt'sJessika› says:   12 July 2011   597051  
I'd join the first one (: 
And I have loads of kp, how many do you need?
Alistair says:   12 July 2011   414125  
I have 10 so about 20 so I can advertise as well. But you can give me as many as you
want. I might combine the two Ideas because I really like the Sliders, Virgins, and
Greys. And the whole Dead plot. I might call it Dead Asylum.
‹FuckYesIt'sJessika› says:   12 July 2011   815783  
Sounds like a good idea. [:
Alistair says:   12 July 2011   711103  
Yeah. :3 I just need about 20 Kp and I can make it. I will tell you when I am
Alistair says:   12 July 2011   437333  
Oh never mind I just checked my kp XD
‹FuckYesIt'sJessika› says:   12 July 2011   127067  
I sent some to you anyway lol. I saw this too late XP
Alistair says:   12 July 2011   138634  
Yeah. Well I finished it. Check it out. I think it seems pretty damn good.
‹FuckYesIt'sJessika› says:   12 July 2011   851351  
Mkay I will. And you should message me back btw :P
Alistair says:   12 July 2011   771971  
Yeah Yeah. I will do that soon. Im being lazy
‹FuckYesIt'sJessika› says:   12 July 2011   131768  
Haha okay, no worries. [:
‹<3 Forever Yours <3› says:   15 July 2011   370107  
I would love to be apart of this! This sounds amazing
‹[[♥Lucky Charms Martini♥]]› says:   15 July 2011   235069  
I'm a bit too intimidated to join the first club considering I've never read those
books, but I'd join the yaoi club~
Alistair says:   16 July 2011   159882  
Hahah yeah. Well there good books. Dead Rules just recently came out in June. And
I've only read it online. Fallen I have the book because my best friend gave it to me
for my 17th birthday.
‹[[♥Lucky Charms Martini♥]]› says:   16 July 2011   439287  
I'll look 'em up and get them~ 
Alistair says :   16 July 2011   327814  
Yeah there good. :D
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