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Norse Cosmology


There are at least six worlds, each being the homeworld of a particular family of beings. By inference, they correspond
to the following place names mentioned elsewhere in the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda:
1. Menn (humans): Manheimr
2. Aesir (gods): Ásaheimr
3. Vanir (gods): Vanaheimr.
4. Jötnar (giants): Jötunheimr.
5. Álfar (elves): Álfheimr
6. Náir (corpses, the other world of the dead): Hel

The homeworld of the Dvergar is missing from the above list. Elsewhere, the poem mentions the Dvergar separately from
the other families of beings. For example, Alvíssmál 14 lists the Dvergar as distinct from the Álf. Moreover the two
place names, Álfheimr and Svartálfaheimr, confirm there are two separate heimar or 'homeworlds', one for each family.
The byname Svartálfar or 'Black Elves' refers to the Dvergar. and likewise Svartálfaheimr or the 'Homeworld of the
Black Elves' is the home of the dwarf Brokkr (Skáldskaparmál 46). Alternatively, the home of the Dvergar is called
Niðavellir or the 'Downward Fields' (Völuspá 37). Thus, these families of beings mentioned in the poem Alvíssmál
are identified with seven of the nine homeworlds.

7. Svartálfar (Dark Elves, Dvergar, Døkkálfar): Svartálfaheimr.

Seven homeworlds for seven families of beings. The last two of the homeworlds are less certain. Usually, the list adds
the primordial realms of the elements of ice and fire, counting them as 'homeworlds'. The place name of the element of
ice, Niflheimr, means the arctic 'Mist Homeworld', suggesting it is one of the Nine 'Homeworlds'.

8. Primordial element of Ice: Niflheimr.
9. Primordial element of Fire: Muspellsheimr.
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  Alistair — Page created: 29 May 2011
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Einherjar says:   29 May 2011   928326  
I love you.

Hel is the ruler of the dead. In the Poetic Edda, she lives in Helheimr (Halls of
Hel), which is within Niflheimr.
Alistair says:   30 May 2011   273335  
I know that. I keep up with my research. I watched Thor and that gave me the idea to
make this page since There from Asgard.
Einherjar says:   30 May 2011   715098  
You wrote that the corpses live in Hel, though. 
Alistair says :   2 June 2011   413169  
Nair is what the undead are from and I believe when it says Hel they mean ruler.
Same with all of them.

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