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bloodylove part3

2 hours later

I was decked out in tight fitting black pants, with a silver tank top, and knee high black boots...........and i was
pissed to no ends......brianna and Eric stood infront of the bathroom mirror...Brianna wearing a low cut...short red
dress with matching red heels.......and well Eric was all but decked in the cliquche vamp attire with an open back silk
shirt....and tight leather pants........"oh don't you look pretty!"Brianna giggled. I sneered and flicked them
off...Eric starting laughing as they literally dragged me to the car.   As we drove into town the bright lights reminded
me of NewYork my mood seemed to better itself,"Aw! come on sam...lighten up!"Eric said while shooting me a look, I
sighed. "So were are we headed?" I asked turning up the radio......."Some place called reds...its a coed human club so
vamps and humans will be there so will blend right in"Eric explained as we came to a stop in front of a club with a huge
sign there was a line...but not a huge one.....we got out and i smiled as I noticed this was are first time out togrther
without having to be worried of are makers...I laughed and within 10 minutes of Eric expert flirting with the body guard
we were able to get in without we enetered the smell of fresh blood and human sweat washed over me as
skillet hit my ears and a huge swarm of bodies moved and girated on the dance floor...I laughed as Eric and Brianna
dragged me into the crowd and we smiled feral smiles and started to dance.

9:30 newyork time square

In an apartment high above time square wich was lavishly filled with priceless paintings and sculptures of the old word
were being flung so hard agianst the wall they more exploded than shattered agianst the wall. 3 men lived there and all
people that saw them could only accuse them of being beautiful......and they were 2 of the men stood by a huge fire
place one stood silent with no expression on his face....the other stood with arms folded with a feral smile on his
face.....they were watching the other have an all out temper tantrum....wich would have been a funny picture if these 3
weren't the 3 most powerful vampires of all time..."How in hells sweet name could they just disappear of the face of the
damned planet!"a fist crashed into the wall leaving a gaping hole......"Caleb calm yourself brother...destroying are
home will not help you find them"The man named glared at the one who spoke wich was his brother marik who voice was a
soothing whisper."Well....tell me dear brother what will!"He storde over to an huge antique chair and plopped down
gracefully, his leg swung over the arm rest......"We don't know.....eithier they have been killed or not in the states
anymore"his brother phillip broke in going to stare out with window...caleb snorted"Like they ever let so 2 bit wannabe
touch  them"...." they must have left the country"marik stated."Such beautifullly clever things are
intended one are"Philli[p smirked. The 3 brothers looked at one another......yes all their thoughts were the
same....those 3 were beautiful,dangerous,and more clever and chasing them was a thrill like no other and they loved
it.......but the time was ready to see if they could break their intended mated that were so unconqurable.
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‹TonTon› says:   25 November 2009   648327  
Can't wait to read more.
hannahboo says :   1 December 2009   800654  
omg its great can't wait for the next bit of the story 

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