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bloodylove part2

When we got off the plane, I stretched and yawned...flipping my hair out of the way, we had already rented a car ahead
of time, a silver mercedes bins...we carried are bags 2 the car, we didn't pack much....we decided to but what we needed
here. About 2 hours later Eric with map in hand and pulsing and brianna yelling at
driving...."Will you 2 shutup!" he yelled as he flicked the map...."Why don't you"Brianna shouted from the back, "Eric
just tell me were to friggin turn!" I said as I turned off a car crowded street onto a country road, " If ya'll 2 would
quit your yacking, and let me see....we'd be there already!" he growled as his dark eyes scanned the map. Brianna
snorted and I rolled my eyes..."AHA!....Go on ahead and turn on a dirt road" he said pointing a slim finger at the
map....I looked ahead and about 3 minutes later, we camer 2 an old dirt road that ran into a dense forest, "Its in
there?" brianna asked leaningover my shoulder to peer into the woods....."Yep...secluded and highly we
don't have to resrtict are powersd" I drove foward the road was zigzagged for about 15 minutes. Then we saw it, it
looked just like I'd imagined...It was 2 story with big double oak doors.....peeling white paints...and a gothic looking
balcony.....dead roses scattered the unkept garden beds......."Kay...we have totally went cliche withe the spooky
haunted house in the back woods"brianna said seriously....Eric shot me a look and we both burst out laughing."What?!"
she asked suprised......I was still chuckling as I got otu of the car, Eric pulled back his long black hair and
sighed,"This house doesn't looked liked its been lived in for about 40 years", " I know and I'll be damned if Ihave 2
clean it by myself" I told him as I folded my arms. Eric gave me a half smile  as brianna through us are bags,  I pushed
open the double doors with 1 hand wich was impossible if u were human. We walked in and I frowned....Yep i was so going
2 have 2 clean.

2 hours later

After we explored the house and picked out are rooms...we settteled down in the huge kitchen......I sighed we cldn't
really do anything till tomorrow,"Lets go clubbing"brianna suddenly hollered.....I looked at her and Eric smiled. "No" i
said agian They pouted then started to smile and the looked at me....I shuddered..."Don't ya'll dare" I warned as I
statred to slowly get out of my chair....They got up...I ran....So didn't make it.
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  ‹Samantha132› — Page created: 18 November 2009
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‹TonTon› says:   18 November 2009   749646  
awesome. I feel sorry for the one stuck cleaning though ^^'
‹Samantha132› says:   18 November 2009   927495  
thanx babe........
hannahboo says :   18 November 2009   290819  
cool when are you writing more?

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